Should there be a strategy for News

Just wondering if there should be a more thought out strategy to sending out news with regards to ETN.

For a few weeks things were relatively quiet regarding actual news relating to ETN (lots of speculation over this time) then all of a sudden we got a fair bit on Friday.

Could be possible to spread this out over a few days so as to get some momentum and traction in market.

Turkish exchange/fiat pairings Friday.

Say maybe Liquid fiat news Monday/Tues.

Hopefully creating a snowball effect that could lead to announcements of commercial deals on a gradual basis as and when they happen but slightly spaced out.

Yes, It is being carefully released.

Good news Friday , it’s awesome planned and perfect

I think the news should comes as it is needed but I also agree with @M-kid in that it should be action news not we are waiting for blah blah. Tell us when they are on the exchange tell us when partners are actually on board and launched. These types of news feed the frenzy that comes with it. That is what I would like to see! Fridays news was needed and very appreciated!!!