Should etn investors care about price?

I think each and every investors cares about price if not then i would like to ask what is “moon” for those because a single sentence that is revolving in cryptospace is “when moon”. It is good that etn team is very much dedicated and continuously working to make a better product but saying that we dont care about price is not good. Untill and unless fiat exist people will compare and care about price. If you think price matters than big exchange listings also matters, no exchange is going to list us for free, imo after launch of instant payment system first priorty of etn team should be big volume exchange listings.

Of course every Investor “cares” about price, but a smart Investor knows that price is determined by the demand of the product and not hype from an exchange listing. I do however agree that the exchange element needs addressed after product launch. But i don’t agree that it should be simply a step by step process with no underlying strategy behind it.

As i just commented in another thread, “timing” is everything.

I care about the price but i told ppl 7 month ago that the price will reach 0.003-0.005$ and after that will rise
They donvoted the comment to the bottom of reddit.
Price reflects the project and etn project need a lot of work to start rolling.
In simple words etn project its like this:
1 Bulding infrastructure
2 Creating a necessity for etn
We are in the middle of step 1 but step 2 is what convince me to invest into etn.
Every coin talks about getting accepted to X business , exchange etc but nobody want to create a necessity for their project.
But how etn will create that necessity ?
Going for the unbanked will be the short answer but this is somehow missleading.
Actually unbanked will be the start of this because after the starts who will pay the unbanked for their work?
Ppl from tier 1 nations who want digital skills/products at the lowest price.
But how ?
By “forceing” them to buy etn to pay for that product and this is how a necessity is being created, you dont give ppl any choice.
What about the unbanked ?
Giving them a choice to pay their mobile operators with etn for wifi- time and phone minutes is not a choice because they cant go whenever they want at a shop to pay with paper (time ,space ,lack of paper money) so in essence you create a necessity on their side also.
After that things like money velocity , metcalfe’s law , speculative investors , etc will kick in.
But all of this will take time.
Creating a necessity example:

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Care YES, to be concerned NO. I invested in something that I believe in and if I am wrong it means tomorrow I will be better. I learned from my mistake. I quote: and that’s my opinion, ETN will be one of the leading crypto currency in the world. HE, SHE, WHO DARES, WINS.

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I care about just how much I can attain at this amazing discounted price!! :1st_place_medal:I dare!