Should ETN be a stablecoin?

Just wondering about your opinion.

To compete with Facebook stable coin, imo, electroneum should be a stable coin. If it becomes a stable coin, Amazon might be interested in Electroneum to compete with Facebook.

sr dear but your opinion is bad by my view, because of etn is not a stable coin that is why we(investors) are here and why do you think amazon needs etn to smash fb? come on


Yes Id like it to be a stable coin! Stable upwards.

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Stable at $1 would be perfect


haha if it will beb stable on 1 dollar we havnt problems but 10$ is better :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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You’re correct, ETN becoming a stablecoin would be a horrible thing. It’d stop mass adoption dead in it’s tracks as well. There is only 21 billion coins and to be used by hundreds of millions of people the value actually needs to be high. Imo, ETN needs to be a store of wealth as well as a general global currency for anyone from all walks of life to use. You can have both no problem even if they needed to drop in a decimal or two down the road that’s really not a big deal at all.

I want to see it used for everything from buying a home to cars, subscription services, groceries to coffee at the local cafe etc and so on. To accomplish this, value simply cannot be low that would simply not work for the vast amount of users that will be coming.

If people took all ETN is doing into account, value is going to be A LOT higher than most think on here long term & that’s a good thing for all people. Long term I still see triple digits for ETN very easily, that’s however just my own opinion. It’s use case will exceed pretty much everything out there, to those who think that’s not possible, take time to really analyze everything they’re doing. Mark my words every prediction on here will be surpassed easily.


Brilliantly said @J5Alive, every word. I couldn’t agree more, if ETN is to be mass adopted, it’s value will have to go into the hundreds, it cannot happen any other way.

I also agree that it needs to be both a store of value and a global currency.

The only way this can work and remain true to the creation cryptocurrency is to not be pegged to USD. There’s a good reason ETN wasn’t created as a stable coin.


Thank you very much Cos! It’s an absolute must and people will see that in time. People need to remember the unbanked is literally phase one of targeting the 99%. That’s a huge market in itself and one that’s so very needed but then we’ll be tapping the banked market as well. If you add every piece of the puzzle together it’s mind boggling honestly.

There will come a point ETN will take off like a rocket ship, this stage now is just getting things into place and perfecting roll outs to various regions and gathering vital data to streamline the process. From the recent updates clearly that has been a huge success thus far and they’ve learned A LOT.

Indeed, hundreds is the only way the value will be sufficient to reach the goals they’ve set out to attain. I’d tell everyone to add in all details from the gig, gaming, unbanked, remittance, subscriptions ( once the patent is approved ), Licensing the Instant Payment System to other cryptos & just using it from everything from a-z in our daily lives. It’ll take a lot to be valuable enough for an enormous amount of value for that many people to utilize ETN in all those instances.

100% spot on & it’s obvious to me that’s why Richard didn’t go that route. He’s a smart guy as is the rest of the team, some brilliant people with a huge global vision for ETN. Amazing things are coming and I can’t wait till everyone see’s just how successful ETN becomes.


Spot on @J5Alive :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Thank you @Plankton, I appreciate the feedback man! :smile:


21 billion coins limit can be corrected by modifying the base source code. It’s a software limit and it can be overcome.

That’s true yes, but none the less ETN still wouldn’t be good as a stable coin. I know they can add coins easily if they so chose though I think a decimal or two 1st would be a better option, then if it was really really needed and only very far down the road increase the supply maybe in just very small increments.

But honestly, imo that’s thinking more like a decade down the road, couple decimals and high value would put ETN right where it needs to be.


Again, so well said J5, you are one sharp and clear thinker. I always appreciate hearing what you have to say and the way you piece it together. I haven’t read a truer account of what we have to look forward to!


Well, thank you very much @Cosmicrypto, highly appreciated! I’ll have to echo that sentiment because you do phenomenal post as well that dig into the true potential of ETN. :grin:


Thanks @J5Alive!


You’re most welcome, it’s the truth.


so you mean it could be possible that etn price could go $100 in a short amount of time?and im thinking if etn is a stable coin how could we trade etn?

No. (just typing more words so the comment will post)

Definitely not! 1 ETN = 1 ETN.
Don’t think it would work if stablecoin

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