Should Electroneum have an official TikTok profile?

Hello there.

TikTok has about 800 million monthly active users according to this website. It’s a great platform (although with some privacy issues it seems) full of younger people.

My idea is pretty simple. In my opinion, Electroneum should have an official TikTok channel/profile. Here are the reasons:

  • First, TikTok has mostly younger users - some of which still are still school/university/college. That matters because younger people tend to have more free time than people working every day - with more free time available, people will post some gigs on AnyTask in order to earn ETN.

  • Second, TikTok is becoming the next big social media - unless they somehow screw up, more people will hear and join the platform in the future.

  • Also, it lets us reach a different kind of demographic - people that have some digital skills (video creators on the platform), that are not into crypto at all.

What do you think about this idea? Is it worth it? Do you see any downsides to it?

some tiktok users are very talented video editors.

You are correct. That would translate to some great AnyTask gigs in my opinion.

In my opinion, no.

  1. Tiktoc not only has “some privacy” issues. It is being banned in many countries because of the over extension of the code.

  2. ETN is not targeting young people. They target the unbanked.

  3. ETN has an age limit due to KYC. Tiktoc’s target group is right along that line and the last thing ETN needs is a bunch of ignorance screaming about how much ETN sucks because they can’t even use the app.

Just my 2 cents.



Thanks for the opinion, I just wanted to comment on the points you’ve made.

First, both Facebook and Google track you. In fact, Facebook owns WhatsApp, Instagram etc, and Google owns Youtube. There are numerous lawsuits against them because of tracking or monopoly.

I completely understand that ETN is all about the unbanked. But not everyone listing a task on AnyTask is unbanked. In a perfect scenario, all kinds of people should be interested in listing a gig. The more people that wanna do that, the better.

And third, I believe both AnyTask and the ETN app are super simple to use. I don’t think that anyone will have a problem using them honestly. Keep in mind that Electroneum has a KYC process, so lying about the age is close to impossible.

Have a great day!

Comparing what Facebook and Google is doing to what Tiktok is doing is not applicable. I don’t believe the general public understands the severity of the Tiktoc code. Tiktock is not simply tracking you or gathering data for targeted ad revenue. Based on reports, it’s a lot more than simple tracking…all going back to a communist global super power. I don’t know exactly what it’s doing personally, but I’ll steer clear…but I’m old and have no intention of ever using it anyway;p ETN is a legitimate business doing things the right way and I doubt they want to have any official presence on a very controversial app.

Everything else you said I believe missed the point of what I was pointing out. As far as ETN is concerned, it’s all easy to use and I said nothing about kids potentially trying to lie about their age to use it. There’s no question there, so I’ll rephrase. Tiktoc’s platform skirts the line of the KYC age limit and the last thing we want are a bunch of underage kids throwing FUD at ETN because they simply aren’t old enough to use the official wallet. ETN has enough ignorant FUD being slung its’ way, it doesn’t need the next generations getting off on a bad start due to a misunderstanding of having an age requirement.

These are also valid points. It’s always about weighting the good things versus the bad things.

About the privacy issues of TikTok, honestly I haven’t seen enough info about it to comment, so I will just stay away from that topic for now.

Let’s see if anyone else has something to say about it!

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Tiktok, facebook or google is the same…USA or China do not mather they are the same…
I hope for ETN to go on tiktok

do Visa have a tiktok?

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We cannot compare Visa to ETN. The adoption of the 2 is different.

Hi everyone,

Thought I’d reply seeing as this is something we’ve discussed before for both Electroneum and AnyTask.

TikTok is great in terms of the size of its user-base, but we’ve also got to remember the average age of a TikTok user, and if they’d legitimately be interested in crypto. I’ve been searching for various crypto-related pages and hashtags, and their popularity is incredibly low compared to the users and hashtags that relate to/or take part in the various TikTok dances and challenges that you often find on the trending pages.

The other thing that we’ve discussed is the type of content that we’d realistically be able to make on a very regular basis, especially during this time of working from our homes. TikTok requires constant uploads to begin to appear in any feeds, and yes, while our audience would no doubt get involved in engaging with a TikTok page, right now, I can’t see that there would be anything new to be said on TikTok, that isn’t already being said on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages.

However, if you’ve seen anything on TikTok that has really engaged you, be it crypto-related, or something that you could see fitting on an AnyTask page, we’d love to see the types of content you’re consuming on the platform.



Well, there are certainly people that will be interested in crypto projects on TikTok - take dogecoin for example.

From my own research, the hashtags #crypto and #cryptocurrency have more than 100 million views together, which certainly shows some interest.

Certainly, the type of content that you can post there is an interesting topic. Maybe some of the AnyTask sellers - their opinion about the platform, why do they prefer the platform, etc, or some behind the scenes videos from your office (which can’t happen right now due to Covid sadly). Another idea is, you can post the stats that you post every week or some marketing videos or summeries of the videos you guys post on Youtube - the most important parts of them for example with link to the full video in the description.

Anyways, this is just a suggestion, and it’s great to have a conversation about it. I will mark your answer as a solution, thanks for taking the time to reply here.

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This is actually a really great idea because the audience in TikTok is really an untapped market. But one actually has to be great in direction or videography to rake in viral views on Electroneum.

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