Should Electroneum change its name?


You all are debating changing the Electroneum name while I’m going to have to pretend I don’t know what the upcoming Orange Vanilla Coke is. I know there will be a small minority that will want me to stock it in my little store but the issue is they have to make the can look different enough from the other flavors that nobody will mistake it for Vanilla coke or a customer may spray spit it out right in my area.

But if they make it close to the color of any other brand soda they risk straying from the brand and same thing will happen.

Electroneum doesn’t get confused with anything else except the ticker ETN gets confused with Exchange Traded Notes.

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I hope not. So much effort has been spent on the current logo and brand, not only by the main crew but also so many other contributors.
Re-branding would create so much confusion and I doubt we’d ever fully recover.


@GoGoETN I have seen several commentators say Electroneum need to change its name to be taken seriously. I am not sure this is a good idea because we have already come so far with the name and the symbol ETN. What do you think? Can Electroneum be taken seriously with this name?

how about…

EMMA - Electroneum Mobile Monetary Application

I’m not really a fan of name changes, but if you’re going to do something do it early so you can brand it later… the problem is how do you come up with something unique and short that will instantly google you and roll off the tongue… Electroneum alone is definitely a mouthful…



to give my “name change” a visual…

“Meet EMMA, the smart way to pay” - electroneum/encrypted mobile monetary application… give it a female AI as pictured, and run with it… changes the feeling when you give something a face and emotion behind a name…


not to mention it hits on a lot of key descriptors… encrypted meaning your transactions are secure, mobile talking to the portability of your daily device… monetary meaning more than JUST ETN in the future they hinted at more currencies right… so it really describes everything… EMMA also when you look up the meaning refers to whole or universal, so another subtle meaning behind the name showing the entire global system…

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NOT, too close to Enema.

Yeah, no thanks, I don’t want ETN to be know as Enema Coin.

Electroneum is perfect the way it is.


No no no no, let’s just stick to electroneum. Its just fine right now.