Should Electroneum change its name?


While the Electroneum name is interesting, I think an easily pronounceable name vs an interesting name is a debate the company needs to have. In Asia I think people, especially older generation will have difficult time with the L’s and R’s in the name.

I would probably keep Electroneum as the name for the Ecosystem. I would name the currency something short like ETN. Etn coin or credit. If I were to further simplify it to E credits/ coin would be compelling as well. I think linking the simple name to the original Electroneum brand/ecosystem is good enough balance.

For the love of God please don’t name the coin after Richard —> Electards. It reminds me of “betard”(minus b and add r). No offense to the original person who came up with the name. Just my personal opinion.


Richard Coin :wink: Rank #1


Richard came up with the name. I love it. It’s very futuristic, like @BegaMutex said. It’s a bit different from the rest and makes us stand out in my opinion. We have the logo and name in the office on the wallet and I just love how cool it looks.


it’s a shame credits is taken… they nailed the name game there.

to answer the question though,- no electroneum/etn is ok.


I think @BegaMutex & @Plankton nailed it on their thoughts on this. I also personally think the name is great, no issues with it here. We’re entering into a new technological era in civilization so I think it fits well. It has a nice ring to it in my opinion.


Electroneum, futuristic name, I frankly like it!

Electrons :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
ETN :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Electroneum :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I like the idea that it’s the product that makes the name, not the other way round. It’s certainly a positive perspective, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying that is enough to prevent a name being be harmful to the success of your product. You certainly have to access your target audience.

I don’t know if Electroneum is really a good or bad name. I’m sure Richard must have a feel for it when he’s out and about, talking to people about it. The mass consumer of the product hasn’t really appeared yet, so we don’t know what they will think. I’m sure we’ll understand better in time.

Anyway, I’d go with never say never.


I heard the name electroneum once before I’d heard of this coin.

It was on an episode of Futurama , can’t remember which one but it was the prof. Who said it …


You answered your own question. The Electroneum brand has come a long way, regardless of how you might feel about the name. I like the name, personally. It’s catchy and not too pretentious.


They had to start somewhere and have put so much into building this brand i think facebook is rubbish but its the name we all know. ETN is definitely good enough to be the future brand logo it sounds catchy and easy to pronounce if there is ever a vote mines on ETN.


Yep from Futurama. Once of my favorite shows


You absolute star you !!!

I watched 6 episodes last night trying to find it lol , thankyou very much . I knew I had seen it on that fantastic show !!!

Thankyou !!!


Go @BegaMutex !
Stylin …As per usual I think you got it from the “grass roots”.
@Cryptoman976…most definitely.
I like Electroneum.
Its catchy…everyone remembers Electro …something or other that you were talking about.
If it works and they’re Interested they’ll bomb it.Big.
Seriously why would anyone dream of wasting the money re-branding it.?
Theres an extra squirrel on the end for @Rachel,
Because I really liked her take on things.


I’m an experienced freelancer in the branding niche for about two years or so. This discussion is exactly the reason I had to leave the branding niche for another as branding happens to be something based off of psychological satisfaction which cannot be achieved at times. One cannot please people when it comes to brand names.


Change the name?? Are we drinking Paintremover now.? Even me dont do that. What a horrible idea.
Electroneum is perfect. U dont change in the middle of spread.
It reminds me futuristic, like Tiberium in C&C.
However, the decades long known norwegian STATOIL here, changed name, to, wtf is Equinor…


Electroneum is perfect and let me explain why.

  1. It is catchy!!! Buzz words, songs, spoken poetry ETN stands out no matter what medium it is used in!!! Use it on everything!!!

  2. Anything electric has buzz as the name “electric” implies. When you read Electro into Electroneum it has a sense of energy, creative electrical energy, that seems on the cutting edge of doing something positive and more importantly moving in a constantly profound way. (the team is like the quiet before the storm,they are the electrons or the electronians behind the company working diligently to mass worldwide domination ahh err adoption I mean!) they are the electron part, the e- um part is us scratching our heads in bewilderment at just how awesome they are at what they do!!! They are continuing to develop, expand, create, and conquer …lol and that keeps me interested!

  3. ETN is easy to say and makes sense in it’s short form listing, go ahead say ETN out loud, easy peasy. I can even said it relatively clearly aftre a couple of beers, hic! Some crypto short forms are not as easily matched. This makes it easy for us to Identify this particular crypto when searching for it on Coinmarketcap and other listing websites!!!

  4. It is unique as it only shares the Ele part of its name with three other coins (Elementrem, Electra, and Electrify asia) Some cryptos sound so familiar to others they get lost in the mix of many listings that look very alike, ours does not, making it stand out!

  5. IT LOOKS FREAKING COOL on all merchandise. Yes I am biased on this as I have ETN mugs, shirts, coins etc but from a marketing standpoint on its value for mass product adoption, it looks so cool!

  6. Any coin where the community supports it, is great, and this coin has the best community ever. So in general conversation telling someone you are involved in Electroneum sounds cool, and mysterious, it has an edginess to it! Almost like it is a rare mineral that should be invested in immediately. This is good as people will remember the name easily.

  7. It’s sexy… period :slight_smile:

  8. If you are not convinced by now that it is a good name also think alphabetically speaking wise E is listed earlier on exchanges than a coin with Z in its name. That can be hugely beneficial for people as some decide what they invest in and pick easy winners Ark, BTC, Cardano, etc (you get the idea)

  9. Grandma says it’s good and that’s good enough for me… lol !!!

Okay 9 might be slightly reaching but hands down this name of Electroneum is seriously awesome end of story … drop mic…walk away to massive applause!!!

and finally #

  1. Telling someone I invest in Electroneum brings me feelings of pride beyond anything I can even explain. Telling someone I invest in poo poo coin would not bring the same satisfaction or feelings. I am super proud to be part of the Electroneum community…and to own the ETN tokens that I have for better or for worse, but you already knew that!!!

Drop Mic again and walk off stage in other direction this time!!!


Totally agree electroneum is perfect and would not like to change it.
But just for fun we could call it richcoin.
Rich after our founding father richard and anybody who holds the coin will be rich very soon


I think all coin names, with coin, makes people think scam.
Coin has a bad vibe now. To those not in.
Electro and neum has ha good vibe, mix of fast, thunder and some sort of rare metal.


When I first heard about electroneum, one of the first things I remember thinking is ‘what an amateur terrible name for a crypto project’. And I still think its pretty bad, but I’m used to it and didn’t stop me investing and doesn’t stop me believing in the project.

In the end, taking the examples of Google, yahoo, bing, etc I genuinely don’t believe a name matters too much once the brand becomes well known and people associate the name with the brand.

I may just ‘google’ brand names and see other examples of bad names doing well…


From my point of view, weird names like Google (and maybe even Electroneum) work well on the web, as it makes a company easier to locate. They are fairly unique in regards to finding them via a search engine and short to help you remember in the URL - which was important back in the day if you were an early search engine. Google becoming a verb has been very powerful for them, which I think was easier to achieve due to it not being a real word in the first place. I wouldn’t say Bing or Yahoo share these traits, but it’s not stopped them having their own level of success.