Should Electroneum change its name?


I have seen several commentators say Electroneum need to change its name to be taken seriously. I am not sure this is a good idea because we have already come so far with the name and the symbol ETN. What do you think? Can Electroneum be taken seriously with this name?


I think that’s one topic there will never be a consensus. I look at it as its just a name. People associate their emotions with things like names and that is their issue to deal with not ours. If someone doesn’t like the name its none of anyone else’s business. Also if they don’t get involved in a project just because they don’t like the name; that is some superficial BS.


I would like rebrand of logo/name. Community should vote on this…


This isn’t really a community project that we get input on - its a private company - we either like it or we don’t right?


community can always help with decisions…


Yeah feed back is useful for sure. I don’t think the name is something that could be changed now though… . Look at all the coins out there now - are there any good names?..I think there would be so many opinions and no way to ever reach a consensus.


In a word. No. 20 somethings to fill up space.


The name is partly what drew me to it , i think the name is great. Futuristic , iconic

Powerful …


There are alot of bigs coins that I think have really bad names I don’t think it’s super important personally people are so quick to create nicknames or shorten names for things I don’t see it being a big deal. I think the name Electroneum is ok not good or bad.


ETN sounds good , but Electroneum sounds cheap/scam…


Agree, I don’t like the name either. It’s too long and saying ‘etn’ instead doesn’t solve it because is does’nt roll well of the tong. So there seems to be something to think about.


yahoo, twitter, google… names gain meaning by association… if you didnt know what those companies were, you would laugh at those names.

I personally like Electroneum… and would never give merit to the subjective opinion of people from this crypto space as they are not our target market.

Also, there seems to be a real sci-fi revival culture right now thanks for things such as SpaceX… so anything with a name that has that theme (futuristic etc) will likely fit right in over the next 5-10 years.


So how does ‘Electroneum’ reflects the needs of our target audience?


How does “google” reflect the needs of its target audience?

Branding is a complicated and detailed subject. Names can reflect product or service, but they don’t need to. As long as a name doesn’t make customers think of something else, or possibly offend in other languages or cultures…it can be anything.

It is physically impossible to pick a name which everyone likes…as its subjective.


I know how branding works :wink: What I’ve experienced with the name Electroneum is that when I start talking about it it just doesn’t feel right. It’s too long, too spacy, has a sort of hacked-together-project super nerdy FEELING in general. It doesn’t feel like an established/professional brandname. (It has to grow offcourse, but after 1 year the name still feels like that, and growing the wrong thing is not the right direction) That might be an opinion, but all the people I talked to are sharing the same feeling. And obviously more people do according to this topic ;-). So yeah, there is something up with the name. More than just a single opinion.


I think there are better things to focus on, so much so I’ll leave this thread as it is. Maybe you should submit a proposition to the team for a rebrand. Best of luck and have a great day.


Yup, as you said, some people dislike it…and some love it. Its subjective. You wont ever find something everyone likes.

But of course, it never hurts to make suggestions (as wT said above)… as re-brands do happen in the industry. Who knows what could happen in the future…


They could rebrand as “ETN”. I only recently understood that HMV stands for “His Master’s Voice”. So you can retain your roots, but have a snappier short name.


A project gives a name power by it’s performance. Not the other way around.

The first time I heard of Amazon I thought it was the dumbest name for an online store I had ever heard, along with just about every other “big” name brand out there. You will never come up with a name that everyone likes because opinions are like bungholes, everyone has one and they all stink.


IMO electroneum is a perfect name, easy, clean, mysterious.
I like it and would not want it to change, and I don’t think it would be very healty for the brand to change now this far in.

I feel it fits very well with what it represents in some way