Shortening Topic/Posts links?


Hi, don’t know Discourse enough, but currently if we want to share a link to a post, we get a rather long URL—which is rather hard to squeeze into Tweets, etc. for sharing.

E.g. Wanted to link to the topic “A video showing our POS System Integrated With ETN Instant Payment!” The Url I got: That’s a rather long URL, isn’t it?

So shortened it to
Considerable saving, right?

Could something like this be implemented: i.e. offer shortened URLs to posts?


You may hit the Gear Icon - Hide, for this:



Or you may use Optional Title + URL when posting URL with Link Icon:



I personally don’t really have a problem with the long link but it could be nice if they could put that in or maybe like a button with copy link and that it will automatically convert it to a short link to paste in a new post :thinking:




Am I misunderstanding the problem? Above I just made a short link to your post.