ShakePay for my Canadian Folks!

Hi my Canadian People!

I just wanted to tell you that I have used Shakepay (mobile app) to buy BTC in Canada (E-transfer) and send it to Liquid Exchange. The whole process took me less than 30 minutes to complete and was super simple. 

I was using Coinbase to buy BTC but most of the banks have banned buying crypto with credit cards now. Just wanted to pass this info on to other Canadians looking to buy more ETN at this price!!


Cheers I am Canadian and go through I just use the topmeup card function it works well, cost a little, but I don’t mind. Nice to see some other Canadians getting involved in ETN!

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Nice. I have a Quadrigacx account as well, but havent used it yet. What is the minimal you can buy on there?

@thejahcoop dude! that is awesome! I’ve been researching shakepay all day and it looks completely legit. I know your post is old but stay away from Quadriga for the moment - sh*t kind of hit the fan with them

ps. What’s your referral code for Shakepay? Let me know! I’ll happily use your code :nerd_face:

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