Setting up woo-commerce site w/ etn -help please


This doesn’t look right, obviously:

On the phone atm so cant check via developer tools why the QR code is not displaying.

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This however looks ok:


Oh maybe it won’t work because there is not enough etn to cover the transaction fee.
I will make a new test for 10 cents

Thanks no rush :+1:

Just edited it to 10 cents


So now a new order should have been created in WooCommerce. Please check…


Ok yes @Peter_DIR it says pending now from you on my dashboard


So weird there was another order 7 hours ago that went right into the cancelled state …


Could you post screenshot for my order too please?


yes- check this…


@Peter_DIR . was I supposed to do something with a webhook? I don’t see any text in that field on my etn dashboard–

I don’t know what that means or if i’ve synced it or set that up right, maybe that is why it keeps timing out on the woo commerce side? (apologize for my lack of technical knowledge)


You haven’t read the instructions have you? :innocent:

You might be missing this:

For the webhook address!


@Peter_DIR I have tried a few times to read the api guide and get pretty overwhelmed with the technical instructions. I cannot figure out a tangible step for the webhook part. Am i supposed to paste that line that you said somewhere? Can you kindly show me where I should paste that?
thank you


Under Your Vendor settings at


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First Electroneum Instant Payments Woocommerce integration

That’s where you paste the above!


oh thank you! I thought i had filled that part in, but maybe i just pressed generate. anyhow, so when the etn payment is successful on my etn dashboard, now the woocommerce will say successful?

Usually it times out on woo-commerce after one hour- does the instant payment take more than an hour to approve on occasion? It’s been 40 mins now and still pending, I’m worried it might time out again on woo commerce side, unless there is a setting i can adjust

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@Peter_DIR Ok update: it has gone through on my etn dashboard but on woo commerce it still says pending under your order. (it has been 2 hours) No clue why as I saved the webhook info


@Peter_DIR Your order timed out and went to “cancelled”

Do you know why the woo-commerce is not syncing with the etn side even though we added the webhook?

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PMd you    


Ok, it turns out that the QR code not showing is happening to everyone running the ETN Vendor IPS at the moment and has to do with the IPS relying on to generate the QR code (currently returns a 502 () because the service was deprecated 14 March 2019 :no_mouth: ). So this will have to be fixed by the Team, and no doubt will be soon. I guess it’s best to wait until that’s fixed as you will have to update the plugin, etc.

Let’s reconvene once that’s done.


Ohhhhh no way! Very interesting, I’m glad we got to the bottom of this, so it helps others in the same situation as well.
Do you think the team will make an official statement about the fix or should i just keep checking in this thread for updates?

Many thanks

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Would this solve the issue for @Annastasia?



Using the ETN Instant Payment API