Setting up woo-commerce site w/ etn -help please

@Peter_DIR Ok update: it has gone through on my etn dashboard but on woo commerce it still says pending under your order. (it has been 2 hours) No clue why as I saved the webhook info


@Peter_DIR Your order timed out and went to “cancelled”

Do you know why the woo-commerce is not syncing with the etn side even though we added the webhook?


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PMd you    


Ok, it turns out that the QR code not showing is happening to everyone running the ETN Vendor IPS at the moment and has to do with the IPS relying on to generate the QR code (currently returns a 502 () because the service was deprecated 14 March 2019 :no_mouth: ). So this will have to be fixed by the Team, and no doubt will be soon. I guess it’s best to wait until that’s fixed as you will have to update the plugin, etc.

Let’s reconvene once that’s done.


Ohhhhh no way! Very interesting, I’m glad we got to the bottom of this, so it helps others in the same situation as well.
Do you think the team will make an official statement about the fix or should i just keep checking in this thread for updates?

Many thanks

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Would this solve the issue for @Annastasia?



Using the ETN Instant Payment API

No—it’s the Woocommerce plugin (which has now been updated) that will have to be updated backend! ( @Annastasia )

Incidentally googleapis seems to be back up at the mo…

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@PrestoCrypto or @Peter_DIR Now that i have updated the plug-ins can one of you lovely peeps try the test order on my site?

I have a product called tester which is 0.01 price. I just want to make sure it goes through both on my site and etn dashboard, now that i have added the webhook and updated the plugins.

THANKS! :heart::heart::heart:

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Pm me the link please👍

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Everything very quick and easy. Did it on my phone clicked qr code it linked to my app pulled up payment and is sent to the blockchain. Confirmed payment on my end

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Hi @Annastasia, I’ve just purchased the demo product on your site and all seems to go through perfectly. Can you confirm if the transaction has been completed successfully?

The reasons your orders haven’t been marked as complete might be due to the webhook not being set up. If the webhook isn’t set up, someone could send you payment and the ETN would come through, but unless they click the “I’ve made the payment” button, it won’t be marked as complete.

Do you mind sharing the amounts of the orders that were canceled? I suspect there might be a slight bug for orders over 1000 ETN due to the way in which Electroneum returns the amount paid, but I’m still trying to confirm that this is in fact a problem.

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Hello @benjaminoo Thank you for the message. I checked and yes, your order went through and what i find is, under webhook it shows as red 502 like this

Until about an hour or so, and then it turns green.

The first order was for $10 USD and it was marked as cancelled (timed out) on the woo commerce side that was on March 18 - but please note this was also when I did not have the webhook info installed. Now i do.

The only small thing I’ve noticed is on my woo-commerce side-
the order will say processing, but i have to manually click completed. I don’t know if this is normal for woo-commerce or not. See below: I will leave yours and see if it automatically syncs at some point…


What’s up sister Anna… I’m glad you’re getting this figured out. I was having the same issue with cancelled orders in woocomerce. I have to implement webhook too I’m seeing. Now I have to figure out where the webhook link is on my site. :smile: - Greg

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Could you possibly help with my site also? I am trying to figure out what my webhook address would be for my site.
I am very grateful for any assistance. Cheers!


For the webhook address, enter replacing with your site’s main URL. This must be in place for payment status to be checked automatically in the backgroud. Note that you must have HTTPS to be enabled for this to work.


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(Re: https) there’s a certificate in place issued by GoDaddy so he’s all good… :wink:


Awesome! Thanks so much Peter.
Much appreciated.

  • Greg

Thank you @PrestoCrypto!


Have you figured out the “processing” payment situation on woocommerce? I had to do some revamping on my website and I’m experiencing this again. Woocommerce doesn’t seem to want to update to “complete”.

Actually I’m having issues with the webhook again as well, not showing green under payments in

Thanks. -Greg

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