Setting up woo-commerce site w/ etn -help please

Hi ETN Fam,

For the not so technical (such as myself) is there some tutorials or videos out there where I can understand how to set up my woocommerce site and integrate the etn plug-in?

I am currently setting up my store -wordpress /woo commerce but i’m not sure how to proceed.

Thanks in advance !!

Hope this helps! Keep us updated :nerd_face: :+1:


I have not done this personally yet so it may be best to ask someone who has. You may also need to add under vendor settings on Electroneum page.

@cnorin @Corentin @Peter_DIR @Maritz


Have a longer tutorial in the making but holding it back until advertising starts. In the meantime, happy to help should you get stuck; so do get in touch if you still need guiding through…


Thank you so much!! I’m going to begin this afternoon, I’ll surely reach out if i get stuck.

Appreciate it you guys!!!


Hello @Peter_DIR and @Corentin I just set up my site with the downloaded etn plugin on my woo commerce and i added paypal as well. I did a test checkout and i see the QR Code yay!

All i did was copy and paste the Outlet ID, API key, API Secret and saved the settings in Woo commerce, is this all I am supposed to do?

Anything additionally? Would one of you lovely peeps do a test purchase to see if things are set up properly?

Thank you so much!
I am very limited in my tech knowledge, so I majorly appreciate all your help. Especially the wonderful @PrestoCrypto :heart::heart::heart:


That’s great to hear @Annastasia :clap: Let me know when you’re ready to to test! :zap:


Hello @Rach @Peter_DIR @Corentin Is there someone today who can confirm if I have my website plugin set up properly? Sorry not sure if there is a specific technical team for this?

Thank you

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@Egg can you help out

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Thanks! I think i’ve got it set up right, I have a purchase so i’m waiting to see if it changes from pending to confirmed :slight_smile: Hello @Egg can you confirm for me I have the steps done properly?
ll i did was copy and paste the Outlet ID, API key, API Secret and saved the settings in Woo commerce, is this all I am supposed to do?

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Need another test-customer?

What is the URL to your commerce site?
My cat needs a new lipstick, outfit or whatever


Hello @Egg @Corentin @Rach @Peter_DIR @Maritz
If anyone can help me with this, it would be much appreciated.

My first etn sale transaction - the coins finally shows up in my wallet, but on my woo-commerce it says the order was cancelled because it timed out after one hour.

This is what it shows under orders

Does anyone know how to fix this???

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Hi, sorry been superbusy…

  1. I don’t see a link anywhere for your website? Would be happy to try another purchase for you to see what happens.
  2. Back-tracking a little: once the QR code was presented and the payment was made there would/should have been a confirmation screen presented to the customer, as well as an account being created, again for the customer (unless you are allowing guest checkout). From your description it would seem that the ETN transfer might not have been executed fully. In other words, the time out normally happens if the QR code having been presented to the buyer, the buyer fails to actually act on it.
  3. You should be able to check whether you have received the relevant ETN amount either via the Electroneum App, or via, as @Corentin also suggested. Are you able to find the transaction in either of those places?

Ok, this should hopefully get you a little further…

Keeps us posted! :wink:

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Thank you so much @Peter_DIR my website is: I only have one product (sticker bundle) right now, and I saw the transaction go through from my . vendor settings on my etn dashboard -so the payment did go through, i just don’t know why it would have timed out for him on the woo-commerce side

I am allowing guest checkout .I think… Would you be able to go through my checkout flow and see if you come across any glitches?


Hi: had a quick look and I would suggest that you set up a test-product costing $0.01 or similar so that people are more likely to go through even just with a test purchase! :wink:

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I wouldn’t be able to help with the WooCommerce integration, but I can see the plug-in owner @Peter_DIR has responded so hopefully you have made progress.


Kind of you to promote me :relaxed: but the plugin is actually @benjaminoo’s…!


Hey @Peter_DIR oops pardon me. I did make that test item called tester at 0.01 as suggested.

Can you try and we can see what the checkout flow shows as?


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This doesn’t look right, obviously:

On the phone atm so cant check via developer tools why the QR code is not displaying.

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This however looks ok: