Setting up local businesses

Example for electroneum team

Make mouth masks
To get the initiative off the ground, they have started a crowdfunding for. In addition to donating, people can also help by picking up a package with which they can make 40 masks, or by spreading the initiative further via social media.
ect, ect
Or the distribution of this.

Is also good marketing I think.

It is actually a pity that there are others who do take up the idea.
Home (

New blockchain platform vows to shake up startups with ‘collabvesting’

This is a potentially game changing opportunity for electroneum

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Find out what generation z does.
gen z is the future.
They don’t want a “normal” job and are willing to work hard to build their own business. As many as 72 percent indicate that they want to start their own company.

Smart City: How do you live in a Smart City? | Future Smart City Projects | Surveillance or Utopia?


Bright future for electroneum.
Private ways for electroneum holders. :+1:

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Explanation and exchange rules
The swap shop is all about etn. You open a free “account via the app” at the swap shop (if you don’t have one yet) on which you save etn by bringing stuff the shop. With the accumulated balance you can take things from the store with you. You can also earn etn by offering a job / service to help other participants. This is then mutually coordinated and is at your own risk. The employees of the swap shop advise and arrange the app with which the etn is credited or debited via the app. Etn swap ‘with equal crossing’ is not necessary.

Bringing stuff
If you have items that you no longer use, you can bring them (clean, whole and complete!) To the exchange shop. Together we determine how many etn your delivered goods are worth. The etn are credited to your “exchange account”.

For the articles below, you may return a maximum of 5 items per week; Books, clothes, shoes, bags, CDs, DVDs, LPs.

Bring stuff with you
In the exchange shop you can also choose and take things with you. The etn are debited from your “exchange account”. Do inquire about your etn balance.

Demand + Offer
An overview of supply and demand hangs in the exchange shop. If you cannot find what you are looking for, ask the exchange merchants. Of course you can always call or email the exchange shop.

Offering and purchasing services
You can earn etn by helping others. De Ruilwinkelier advises if necessary. However, the participants themselves determine the exact number of etn for a service. If you want to have things done that you cannot do well yourself, the Swap Shop can help you find someone who can help you. The offering and purchasing of services is determined by mutual agreement between the participants and is at your own risk. Afterwards you pay by submitting a service form on which the etn has been completed.

Also a great project.

Wijkpaleis (

Now that everything is closed (covid-19), the entrepreneurs of companies can organize a promotion to hold a pre-sale.

Presale promotion: In a presale promotion, the entrepreneur sells a product or service. As an investor, you therefore bet in advance and receive your reward later.

The advantage is that the entrepreneur now has income to keep afloat.

If the companies are allowed to reopen, you will be given priority when booking your reservation.

example: € 100
Comic card for 8 pancakes
Become a member for life for fun extras and offers + an 8-strip card to share with your friends!

ect ect

Purchase of this promotion in etn, of course.

Companies can post the presales on a platform. This one has yet to come online. idea for electroneum?

Companies can make their actions known on social media and that their presales will be posted on the platform.
A new target group of people is coming to electroneum.

It’s a win-win idea

I happen to know about
but not another random person.
There are also no offers posted on this site.
You can probably tell from the statistics how much traffic is present.

an example

Café Panta (
Only contact details can be seen
I think there is a lot more to do in this case to make this business a success.

In brief. all actions on 1 site and under the name of the country.
I hope it’s a little clear.

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