Setting up a Yoti account


Hi folks,

We’ve had some queries about setting up a Yoti account.

The Yoti team has created a helpful guide to how to do it, which can be found here:

They also have an FAQ document which can be found here:

And if your query hasn’t been answered by either of those links, you can submit a query to the Yoti team here:

Hope that helps!

KYC Helping to power Enablement
Problem with YOTI

I notice on the “Complete sign Up” page on the site, it says for level 2 and Level 3 account limits, the restrictions are only on sending certain amounts of ETN, not receiving or simply HODLing these amounts, is that correct?

Of course even if you HODL you may eventually need to send!


Hi @Pete you’re right the KYC is based on your account activity and location and thus will determine the level of KYC that is required.


OK, that seems fair… some people were getting agitated that they’d have to do the full KYC just to carry on HODLing.

If they do Level 1 and just continue to hold their coins, but they later decide to transfer to a paper wallet AFTER the 30 day deadline that would still count as “sending” ETN… so they would have to change to level 2 or 3 at a later date?

If they then have some problem with the ID requirements at that stage, perhaps better to change to paper wallet now…


I don’t Understand the reluctance of people who don’t want to share personal info for the KYC…You have to give the same info EVEN if you buy a pre-paid sim card for your phone…I mean c’mon people !!


Brand new territory for crypto as most people in crypto love the Idea of being completely anonymous so that they can better carry on with their illegal actives, like hiding funds for tax purposes, hiding money from spouses, purchasing illegal things like drugs and down right money laundering. I would say 90% of all people in crypto today are as a shadity as $hit and I love the fact that ETN is doing this to get all the dirty rats out of our coin! I do however expect massive sell off when people figure out that they have to play by rules!


Well, I’ve come across one person who doesn’t mind the idea in principle but seems to have a problem with it being a third party like YOTI for some reason.
Then there are those who are concerned they may not have the required ID.


If you can not properly ID yourself then it will be an issue and time them to sell and move on.


It depends how many big hodlers actually have their coins in the online wallet, I suspect many do not, and already use paper wallets so will make no difference to them at all. Perhaps it may put off potential users rather than hodlers, which would not lead to a big sell off.


How do I submit my Yoti info for electroneum or are they exchanging the info with Electroneum automatically? I find nothing on the ETN app for KYC submission and I don’t have acces to a desktop computer


I think you scan the QR code on the Your Profile page of the ETN site don’t you?


Anyway, yeah, problem with the ID for me, not a shady character or anything to hide, but I never take foreign holidays so don’t have a passport, and I don’t drive. now people might think what a sad loser I am for that, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.

So, I just need to know if I can still transfer to paper wallet AFTER the 30 days or if that counts as exceeding the monthly SEND limit.

Otherwise it’s lots of <50 euros paper wallets and one per month until my stash is shifted!!! :frowning_face:


Here is a guide on how to link Yoti to Electroneum

But in order to scan the QR code from inside Electroneum Mobile Wallet account you will need your phone, thus you will need to access account from another device or a computer or print the page out with QR code on the print out.


Maybe time to get an Passport or ID that will work, don’t think you need a drivers license but government ID should work just fine.


I’m in the same boat as you. No driver license and no passport. They also don’t seem to be taking my national i.d. either.