Setting up a Charity


I would like to setup a charity in Great Britain :uk: to receive funds helping with the Redistribution of wealth. Please can I gauge how much support I would get off the forum our M1 phone give away was highly successful and only took 24 hours to raise enough for one!

Your thoughts and comments below please!


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I can register this quite easily and it will not be a problem I have ran companies before.




Great magic!
Show your magic thing

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Thank you @JonneHex and @Plankton would you like to be involved?



Yeh, in what way? I get less forum time now incoming but

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Monetarily no i cant help . As for running a charity i have zero idea.

I think its all good but it seems there are lots of people wanting to start these up.

Yet we would need to know the company’s stance on using the name etc.

Not being a fudder … we just need to find out whats what etc .



Just ask people what they think and if they want to be involved! It’s just an idea at the moment. I would like to place people in key roles and do the charity bit myself of the hands on stuff



I hope fore a community charity with weekly voting



We don’t use their name then unless told we are allowed we only redistribute wealth to key areas that are common to their goal.



How would you distribute it … i have no clue

Say it was phones who gets it , who buys it who sends it etc… all over my head lol

Also that would require a separate account in charities name , how would kyc work … one person one kyc…

Might be too complex. Would still need help from the team . Which would be great

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Well I have already found @Tika and @Maritz who are on the ground at South Africa!

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This is a example on a frida wote:

  • Cats with ETN eyes
  • Jonnehex ladies football player
  • New rabbit for the magic man (old one lost in show)
  • Hom les moonboys
  • Dodo research
  • London Hospital Kids cancer

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Next week Chareti General:

  • Jonnehex
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Fish
  • Satoshi

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If we get some help from some of the mods this can be a huge and a exiting good cause that can give ETN some nice publicity, And we are doing something no other crypto community is even close to do!



These people can put me in contact with someone who has the same views there or may wish to be involved views please.



Yes it will be brilliant to give back to the community!

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What are we voting on @B.F.A?

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Vote one where we want to send the etn we collect this week and the one to put up the pol and gift the ETN to the receiver next week… my thoughts about a fun and sustainable charity over time. The community are giving away ETN to someone that we all stand behind and support thru a democratic process. When we are 10 or 100X the amount of users we can be jammed down by charity, but if we got something that is the voice of the community and once a week do a giveaway we don’t need any more and can keep the forum a bitt organised



Just wanted to show a example of a friday wote :slight_smile:



Sounds good! Would mean no paperwork for me, let’s see if we can get some more input as I don’t think the team will reply. :blush::+1:



Not just to send out etn m1 phones

I have 2 lifesaver waterbottles and these literally clean the :poop: out of the water…

I use these for camping and emergencies.

Also biolite these do base campstoves and actually donate after so many are sold…
I want one of them this year

They send these to africa not only are they clean cooking but they also give electricity . I havr the smaller campstove ive had both versions and got it through Kickstarter program.

Both these can help save lives


Originally posted in Fomo topic but thought relevant here too…

Here are mine


Kettlepot campstove and grill

Just shown to prove i own and not paid to show images.

Both companies have fantastic customer services