Separate savings part for the ETN wallet


For all the ETN holders out there who might not be interested in keeping their coins in paper wallets and want to keep their holdings as safe as possiple. I think it would be a great idea to introduce a ”savings” part to the Electroneum wallet.

The idea would be that you still would have the coins that you think you will use or send around in the current wallet. But the coins that you want to hold for x amount of time are in the ”savings” wallet. And the savings could be behind a Google Authenticator code, or txt confirmation, or email confirmation. And for extra security they would move only one day after the confirmation and it could be canceled at any time during that if the user finds out that someone else is trying to move the coins.

This might be interesting also for the users in the developing countries if they decide to have their savings in ETN and not only use it for minutes and data.

And in technical sence it would not have to be another actual ETN wallet. It could be just part of the users balance that is ”ring fenced” (like ETN does when using instant payments) untill it is freed to use after the user confirmation.

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:thinking::thinking:hm, why not.
G.aut is anyway good


I actually think a “Vault” option would be a nice addon down the line. A cold storage wallet attached to each users account where you can send coins to store. This would have the security peace of mind knowing its held in cold storage but would require X days(due to resource implication this would likely be a high number) to move them (done manually like do for all transactions).

Would certainly be a nice feature to think about next year.


I do very much like the idea of having a storage of some sort either in the wallet or as a Vault like @BegaMutex suggests. Good ideas to you both!


I think the version I suggested is a lot more easy to implement and would not require much resources from the ETN team. But the cold storage option would of course be more secure. Maybe in reality, ETN could at first stage use my implementation to see if there is demand for it and later on upgrade it into what you have suggested :thinking:


Also possibly an “address book” section for common payments etc which eventually will probably integrate with your contacts list on your phone like paypal/email etc…


ETN vault would be a great addition to the wallet.


You already have it?..its called a paper wallet and the current app version already supports import functionality.


I would recommend you make a new thread for this idea so it will not get lost in the comments here if one day ETN team decides to go through these ideas :smile: I would think going through the idea in greater detail in its own thread would increase it’s chance of actually being implemented.