Sending etn as a gift


Can I send my etn as a gift to friends and family via text even if they dont have a wallet? I would like to see a page setup where I could send them to, with wallet setup instructions, and they collect their etn


Not unless you create a paperwallet, put ETN on it and text them a photo of it…but I would advise against doing that


Billy: “Dad, I stored 100000 ETN in this paper wallet for you. Here is a picture.”

Dad: "Thanks son! " Turns to wife and whispers “Where did we go wrong?” Lololol. I got my dad into crypto just before 6k BTC. He’s all worried and I told him to chill.


Look at this maybe you find helpfull:


Thats a gift card for the shop, not general ETN gift cards. That’s not available yet afaik.


I have been working on a general ETN Gift Card idea with someone from the Electroneum team. It is still in the testing phase. Hopefully this will be a cool item for people if everything goes well.


Use paper wallet bro.


Anyway to do it like this? 1


The ones I am working on are a bit like those but still a bit different. Hopfully it will be ready soon.


The problem with any kind of gift card is how to provide a method of private key provision…because when a company is creating the wallet addresses, they are acting as a trusted third party (as they have the private key). That’s fine for some people, not for others…

I suspect this would lead to disputes/ issues for both the company and the buyer.

You could possibly, in theory, setup a process whereby the person buying provides an encrypted key that is used on the gift card, which would stop anyone being able to take the funds without the password used to encrypt that key (they could then write this password on the gift card before sending to the person).

The problem with this is you then need some kind of tool to make the card usable once received…which defeats the purpose of a gift card…it loses its simplicity and user friendliness. You just want to be able to give the card to someone, they scan on the Electroneum App and its done.

If i was considering doing a venture like this myself, i would design a new paper wallet and some kind of nicely designed plastic sleeve to hold it. The buyer creates and prints their own paper wallet and just purchases the special “gift sleeve” to put it in. Simple, clean and trustless.


Why are we suddenly applying blockchain level security to gifts? I sent 10,000 ETN on a paper wallet to a few family members and friends last year. Why would I keep their keys, it defeats the purpose of me giving them the ETN? It’s implied that they trust me. The same goes for the $25 Target gift cards the fortune 500 company I work for handed out in December to everyone. Should I be worried they scratched off the code on the back and redeemed the card and reapplied the coating?
Furthermore this “it’s not blockchain level secure so I don’t trust it” logic can be applied to many things. We are just discussing things no insult intended.


@Aironeous Perhaps read what i wrote as your reply seems out of context. It goes without saying…that trust would not be an issue in regards to the purchaser. … i was referencing a third party company creating the private keys.

I love the idea of gift cards, but it would polarise the possible customer base…as some people will not be ok with having no idea who has had access to the funds before receiving them, especially as removal is impossible to trace. I could see that causing disputes between the gift card provider and customers… (think of all the disputes Ebay has to deal with in a similar kind of situation.)

This could likely be mitigated with some kind of simple mechanism so that only the person buying (or the person they give to) being able to claim the funds. That way those who are not worried are still unaffected, and those who are a little more suspicious would also consider using the service.

Hence the suggestion of thinking about possible alternatives so as to make it as successful as possible.


Why advice against that, it’s also another form of transferring asset digital, it should be encouraged I think so


You understand that sending texts is not a secure form of data transfer? Think about that and you’ll understand why it isn’t a good idea :slight_smile:

If the recipient is going to get the text and immediately put it on their own wallet, then sure. But still not a good idea.


You’ll be keeping a copy tho, and you’ll use dropbox or Google Drive :yum: in sending the picture


You do understand dropbox and google drive (while secure via password) is not truly secure with the ability of your access being cut off at any moment because it is under each respective company’s control?

I’ve worked in IT for nearly two decades and can tell you trusting cloud based hosting solutions with vital information is not only dumb, but highly irresponsible. We’re not talking about pictures and non-vital documents. We are talking money…and there is no bigger motive to people than money.

Anyone with high enough access that works for those companies can access your accounts and see your information. That information is also backed up, so you can never truly delete it once it is there. Not to mention hackers…give them a reason to hack you and they will.

But again…if you want to transfer it that way, go for it. But be darn sure the recipient makes a paper wallet (offline) or puts it in their mobile wallet ASAP.

Let me make my point clear: The moment you put digital assets on a platform that is not controlled by you, and you alone, is the moment you risk losing it. Hopefully that is more understanding.


Well you’re making sense tho,but what if u password the pdf document or the file and use signal to send it…
I’m not disagreeing with you but I feel like it should be a way


That makes it a half step more secure…but not really.

I have personally hacked a password protected PDF using a program I found on a google search…and I am no hacker.


Well then we’ll parcel the pic and send it buy air or appropriate means then we’ll cut off private spend keys and password protect that private protect keys send through secure means


Whatever you gotta do! I’m not saying you CAN’T do what you are saying…but I would advise against it unless you have the recipient immediately transfer it to a wallet that wasn’t broadcast to the cloud.

What “I” have done is introduce my relatives to the app, then bought some ETN and sent it to their address. That works pretty well too:)