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Hello, I try to withdraw to Tradeogre but says my ID is too short. I made others withdraws and goes ok, but now, I can send…Someone can help me please?

Can you provide some more details, are you trying to transfer from an Electroneum wallet to tradeogre?

If so, have you got the recipient wallet address and payment ID details from tradeogre?

Also, are you transferring from the web wallet, paper or cli?

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I try to send from ETN App to TradeOrge wallet. I put the wallet and ID generated by tradeogre. But when I try in ETN App, it says ID is too short…Last month I sended to same wallet in tradeogre and goes normally…but now, I can´t send…

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How long is the transaction ID that tradeogre is giving you to use with the transfer?

You are getting this from the Deposit link next to Electroneum within your tradeogre account??

When I go into my Balances page on tradeogre and click Deposit next to Electroneum, it offers me a combined address and transaction ID. Does this work for you? In this case you leave the transaction ID blank

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