Send failed and its been more than 172 hours and balance not updated yet

hi again
i tried to send to cryptobia some ETN on 19 OCtober and it failed even i had 5.5 in the wallet for fees as they requested to .

now its been 8 days … balance is updated , but available balance isn,t updated which means i can,t spend my coin or send them out “attached pic for info”

i have contacted support yesterday with ticket # CS-13697 but still no response from them

so any ideas ???

Give them 24 hrs. Monday , I had to wait a few days for a reply . It looks froze like mine was . Support said I needed to leave enough in for the fee , I did and don’t send so much mine was 3000 .

But the sorted it within a day , the will contact you Monday I would of thought as it’s the weekend .

Don’t worry it will be fine

@Bee thanks

i,m not worry about my ETN , i,m sure they R safe and will be back one way or another .

but i,m worried about if instant payment could face the same error with some of there payments from costumers … it could lead to big problems …

also the word “needed to leave enough in for the fee” need to be defined more … they said 5ETN … i left 5.48 exactly , and the problem happened … and from my reading in the community this 5 ETN might have to be more if the amount is big … even the fees never reach 5 ETN al all …

im, sure this all R small Dev bugs and can be fixed … the hard work is done , and these R only small things . and we as a community telling the team about it so they Fix it .

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I agree , there are a few bugs and they will be ironed out , we are still young .

The community here is fantastic best I’ve seen.