Send ETN via phone number

So i got an idea, why not make it posible for user to register their phone number in the app, so then, we can send ETN to other users using their phone number instead of long andresses ? Is it even posible ?

I know another crypto project from our country that have this opportunity - not the mobile number but choose own ALIAS (something like nickname to your wallet) - as they say instead of a long adress where you can make a mistake…
It would be fine If our lovely ETN maybe can have something similar :wink:

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Yeah I suggested this also i think it’s a good idea :slight_smile:


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This will be done but not right now.
Please view Richard videos with All About Tech , he talks about this.


This was mentioned in a video with Richard with AllAboutTech, it’s up on his YouTube channel. A 5 series video with Richard himself. It is in thoughts for the future.

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