Selling my Shopify instant payment plugin!

Hello all,

I am officially announcing the sale of the Instant Payment System plugin I developed for the Shopify.
To clarify, what I am offering is all of the source code for the plugin (Ruby on Rails backend, along with a HTML/CSS/JS front end) and full exclusive rights to all of the software. (info on price at the bottom of post)

The plugin is fully functional, see the demo at

The reason I am selling it is that I would like to find someone who would like to fully commit to launching it. As much as I have loved building this project from scratch, I did this project solo and I simply can’t allow myself to spend every single second of my free time not only handling the coding aspect of things, but also the business and finance aspect of making such a plugin successful. As a result, the project came to a standstill a few months ago, but I would really like to see it fully come to life, hence my decision.

Coding knowledge is not required to own the plugin: the sale of my plugin does not at all mean I plan on abandoning someone who has no idea how to keep it running. I would be more than happy to discuss working on maintenance and improvements along with ongoing support.

As far as price goes, I will take offers by private message to start a discussion on price and more.
A couple of things to keep in mind when thinking of your offer:

  • While the plugin does not currently take fees on transactions, including this functionality would be a minimal-effort job I would be willing to discuss implementing myself. Therefore it has a very high potential for profit if you believe ETN will eventually gain mass adoption.
  • When I started development, Electroneum was offering a 500 Euro bounty for vendor plugins. I still haven’t cashed in on that as I haven’t launched it yet, which means those 500 Euro are still up for grabs for the buyer simply for launching it (if the bounty offer still stands, which can be clarified with Electroneum directly).

If anyone has any questions, simply send me a private message, I am more than happy to help.

Hey I am very interested in this. I have a tech background and would be interested in working with you to further the development and launching this. Please reach out to me on how we can get this launched