Selling my music with ETN?


Hi folks.

I’d love to be able to use instant payments as a way to then provide a link to buyers to my albums.

I have a hand-coded website already and really don’t wanna go down the road of joomla or wordpress websites in order just to accept the payment.

Is there a form I could insert which could then direct the purchaser to my album link? I’m not mega worried about folks being able to steal the link but some protection/link encrpytion would be nice.

any ideas?


@Bitinix @Bernard @MSystem

They might be able to help you out…


PM’d you some questions @higltypig


Following this thread @higltypig as I’m a musician too with digital releases and want to help spread the ETN love :slight_smile:


As one option, right now you could create a vendor account on Rasta G’s site and upload your music. At the moment It works with paypal, but they are hoping later this week to have instant payments with ETN set up. I have recently put the Electroneum Anthem up on there.


Thanks for the idea.

I’m currently working at getting their joomla setup working so hopefully i’ll be able to crack that but if not that’s certainly a good option :slight_smile:


I did it! In case you missed my other thread - You can buy my music with ETN!

I made a video with some info in it - it’s posted there.