Selling backgrounds in the mobile miner app!



I had this ideal what may be good for the Electroneum flow and the price as well.

What if we make a little store inside the mobile miner where you can buy some different backgrounds.

This makes it more fun and it’s an extra way we can spend our Electroneum.

I think this would work best if we sell the backgrounds at really low prices (like 3 ETN, per background).

The idea behind the low price is that everyone can easily buy one but also to put a standard value to the ETN. So if the price of ETN increases lets keep the price for backgrounds still 3 ETN, so at the moment that would mean you can buy a background for 0,03 but in the future as ETN grows this can probably be around 3-10, that is still a decent price.

And with the ETN collected from selling background we can support the team or add it to the miner pay outs so that the mobile miner can go on longer than planned.


I’m surprised no one has replied to this , the app could do with some new artistic expression , a few extra pictures , pay for faster mining morenhash rates etc etc …
Sounds good mate


Well to pay for more hash rate is mabye a bit to much i think.
I was only thinking about something simple like backgrounds and mabye ETN merch.