first e commerce from India


Hello all
We had started accepting Electroneum via our e commerce website
Where we are selling saffron,salajit,wanut kernels,Almond kernels,carpets,honey, handicraft and many more things.
We are famous for dry fruits,handicraft, saffron and tourism.
You are guaranteed for genuine pure and quality product.
You should visit website

If you are not in mood to buy things at this time ,
You can subscribe because we are going to add a lot of more products to our online pateform.


I like this keep up the good work


thanks Friend, if you find any bug within the website please let me know


Always amazes me to see new shops popping up keep up the good work.


The more shops the merrier !! Thankyou


Thanks a lot Danny


**Absolutely Chris
Common people will come to know about it **


Fantastic now we can buy something in india from my ETN…Please add more items on your website so we can spend our Electroneum…i am thinking about aware to my neighbor and more friend about this…:smiley::yum:


yes friend
In future we are going to add much more products to our website,
Like hand wooven carpets, shawls, travelling and hotel booking bitcoin e book and many more
Subscribe our Facebook channel or make an account within the website,so as to be in touch and get updated too


I love this page, the color is so balanced and it looks so professional with those pictures. Talk about and recruit people in India and you will get rich and build a better future for all of us. I am doing the best i can in Norway so together we will be very strong and no mountain are to high and no sea are to deep, we will have greatness-


Thanks for the compliment
I look forward to talk people, surely together we an do anything.


I visited your website and looks very good in UI.
Being an indian ,i felt really happy that I found an Indian vendor accepting ETN.
We will together make good fortunes with ETN in future… :blush::blush::blush:
विश्वास कभी नहीं विफल रहता है @ e98e18ff497fdf937592


It makes me really happy ,while hearing from you,it was nice to hear from
Surely we will together try to boost particularly in India.


I need some yoga and hypnotism books can u provide them?
They are old and scare books.


sorry Kurd.girl
I don’t have them