Selfie open topic

Is this selfie process really necessary. :selfie:

I’m thinking fingerprint integration is an idea.

And maybe accounts with level 3 kyc exempt?

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I think a simple recaptcha would have sufficed or Solve media thing.

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It is necessary for you to prove you are a human and you only own one account.


Surely there are easy ways to detect people using more than one account? Also if I’m only using one account continuously and I’m already kyc’d isn’t that enough? It seems over the top.


Welcome to the world of governmental compliance where “over the top” is the game. ;p

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Where are those selfies uploaded to and stored and how secure is that server ?

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The selfies are destroyed upon approval. The amount of space they would need to store everyone’s selfie for every extension and payout would exceed the capacity of massive organizations with massive space when the masses we expect come to play. It is simply not feasible to keep them.

Dear Electroneum Team,

i am not able to finish the Selfie confirmation. The Frontcamera of my smartphone is broken.
So i am just not able to complete it. Really annoying.

With all due respect, that doesn’t sound like ETN’s problem. Use the normal camera and stand in front of the mirror so you can see the screen via the mirror?

If the app had such function, to switch to the other camera it would work. But the app only use front camera, so i am not able to finish the verification.
Sure it is not the fault of electroneum, that my camera is broken, but withou any other possibility for verification the “view” is very limited.

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Ah, okay. So that’s good to know that if your front camera is broken, it does not default to the standard camera. I assumed that it would. But if it does not, that is definitely something that needs to be fixed.

Hi. I like the new update of app, with cloud mining i don’t need the phone to be connected on internet and also not so much power consume.

I already do the second selfie. From i what i read on your post do we need to do selfie every time when we extend the cloud mining?

Anyway i think for this who do level 2 kyc and selfie on Yoti the verification should not be asked again.

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I have no knowledge on why we have to do a selfie every time we extend and get paid out, but I’m sure there is legal requirements none of us are aware of, but it ensures you are mining in a fair fashion and not accumulating coins that may or may not be used. They want to ensure the coins are going to active users. The only way to ensure they are going to an active user is to make sure that user is engaged enough to acquire them.

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I know what to say, but already for people who do level 2, level 3, and 2 selfies, and enter every week to extend i think is enough. Don’t you think so?

Someone from support can say that is needed 4 selfies every month?

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They wouldn’t except a front facing selfie while holding your nose and pointing the phone at a mirror because it would be a reverse mirror mirror image, depending on phone. And not good for facial recognition algos. Needs front only…

I understand what you are saying…but with government compliance comes requirements that simply don’t seem logical to normal people like us. I am lvl 3 myself and would LOVE not to have to do it…but, here we are.

@3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7 LOL, yeah…I was more thinking that the screen would be facing the mirror for the sole purpose of you looking in the mirror at the image on the screen to line up the shot. It would be an awkward thing to do…but it would be doable.

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etn selfie acrobatic society. :slight_smile:

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Correct. But still. It’s a slight overreach…

Only time will tell. :slight_smile:
And I think you’re right.

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