Self Employed - Tier 3 Verification



I wonder if any one can help please, I require Tier 3 verification, I’m self employed and I’ve had two tax documents declined. I’ve sent a self assessment statement, rejected and the first page of my tax return, also rejected. Checking the FAQ’s, one document excepted is your tax return but this is multiple page document and the file formats allowed for upload (JPEG & PNG) are single page files only?

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Regards, BR


I just sent a picture of an invoice I’ve sent and it was approved.


Try using a bank statement aslong as its not more then 3months old they accept it.


Thanks very much both of you, I’ll try my business bank statement. I’ve already used that for Tier 1, which is why I didn’t consider this before posting. I guess it doesn’t have to be a different document for each stage though.

Thanks again!



It should work. I’m in the same situation. I used the biz statement for level 2 and 3 back to back.
Just redact all the sensitive info of course


No my bank statements been rejected, the very same bank statement that passed tier two. The statement is from the beginning of October and is my business bank statement first page, containing my address. None of the information is redacted as I’m so desperate to get this sorted.

The email I receive from Electroneum states the document I’ve uploaded is not in the list of accepted documents.

Please can anyone help me?


I think I’ve sorted this now. The document requested needed to have my personal name on and not my “trading as” business name. The statement I was sending only had my T/A company name. I’m now waiting for verification, fingers crossed!

Thanks for all your help.