Self employed -- EIN?


I’m self employed so on my Level 2 verification, I provided my Social Security number in the EIN field.

  1. Was I correct to do this?

  2. I provided my Social Security number but I don’t feel completely comfortable to have my Social Security number out there. So I’m thinking of asking Electroneum to delete my Social Security number from my account, but I don’t know if Electroneum will remove my level 2 verification if I do this?


That’s a good question. I provided my SSN as well I have to admit I feel a bit hinky about it.


Seems like the main focus of any ID system is avoiding duplicate accounts.
Any information given by the applicant is simply a means of cross referencing and I feel this is an isurance policy for the most part.
Using a secure browser and website anda secure email account such as “protonmail” is ahuge step in reducing data breaches.


Proton mail is the bomb


I use protonmail and brave browser (brave being BAT tokens baby)
Im so impressed with brave over three months now my browser is the fastest its ever been.
With the state of the internet here that is a massive bonus


By the way, as per Electroneum’s terms-and-conditions, you can request to have personal information removed from your account and they would have to comply. I’m just not sure if this will hurt your verification levels? I don’t think it should though… I don’t see why they need someone’s social security number…