Security update: Please reset your password

Hi all!

ETN-Network is incredibly pleased to announce that the system is now once again live. When next accessing your ETN Online Wallet via the ETN App or you will be asked to reset your password and PIN. This is an additional security measure we’re implementing to ensure your account remains safe.

Please note, to get the system back online as quickly as possible, some functionality has been disabled temporarily. This includes some top-ups inside the ETN App, as well as some functionality found within Please keep an eye on our social accounts for further updates.

The majority of recent anomalous network activity affecting 10 of our ETN users was swiftly identified and blocked by the ETN Blockchain moderator layer. These issues occurred due to a criminal cyber-attack breaching security via a third-party software vendor’s application that resulted in unauthorised access. We took robust steps to minimise the effects of this breach by acting quickly to suspend the system whilst we investigated the intrusion.

Additionally, the ETN-Network team has restored all those affected ETN user accounts so that no ETN user online wallet balances have been adversely impacted by this intrusion, the effects of which have been nullified.

We have also taken further measures to prevent future breaches by implementing additional and new security protocols.

ETN-Network has also provided guidance to ETN users on how to safely store their ETN in an offline (cold storage) wallet in a manner that is not vulnerable to cyber-attacks. These are also known as paper wallets. It is recommended that you do not store large amounts of cryptocurrency on ANY live system (such as leaving in an exchange wallet, or any type of custodial wallet). Please also familiarise yourself with our Best Practice guidance.

Have a great weekend!


Jonathan Marriott
Marketing Manager, ETN-Network


Super ETN team!!! Now we waiting for :rocket::rocket::rocket::heart:

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