SECURITY Some may and will try to steal your values


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New Linux-Targeting Crypto-Mining Malware Combines Hiding and Upgrading Capabilities


“We giving 5000 BC to all community!
We present cryptocurrency payments for your purchases in our store and want to celebrate this event with all users.
We organize the biggest crypto-giveaway in the world!
Participate in the giveaway –


Google has become the latest victim of the rampant bitcoin “giveaway” scams proliferating on Twitter.

For a little over ten minutes on Tusesday, the Twitter account of the online search giant’s suite of productivity apps and tools, G Suite, was hacked and used to promote a fraudulent bitcoin giveaway. Initially reported by Hard Fork, the fraudsters dubbed the giveaway the “biggest in the world.”

“Google is giving 10,000 Bitcoin (BTC) to all community! We decided to make the biggest crypto-giveaway in the world! Now you can make payments in Gsuite using cryptocurrency,” the tweet read.


Google Boots Four Malicious Crypto Apps from Play Store

Despite attempts to weed out fake cryptocurrency apps on the Android marketplace, the war is far from being won.

The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread

Trezor, which together with Ledger and KeepKey forms one of the oldest and best-known wallet manufacturers, said that an “unknown” third party was distributing “one-to-one copies” of its flagship Trezor One device.

Cybersecurity Firm Detects Cryptojacking Malware on Make-A-Wish Foundation Website

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The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread

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Popular BitPay Wallet Hacked, Your Private Keys Might Be Exposed


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A priter hack can be a problem


Is this guy really trying to sell his referral code for $99?

Is that breaking terms of service somehow?


How can this dude sell a free app for $99 US?
I suppose the loophole in the law is that hes actually selling a tutorial not the actual application.
I do note PROGRAM in capitals!


So in all you’re saying using the offline wallet is the best?


Mining ETN on your mobile is so damn easy. You don’t need an app to tell you what to do.So be very careful, this is a SCAM !! (price at $99 also very, very unrealistic) It’s a scam. Be careful !!!
eBAY report filed


Um I’m pretty sure I was clear that this was shady and I didn’t like it.


This is a sad story but for those that used Cryptopia you should make some countermeasure about passwords and so on


Please don’t be like this guy.
He lost ETN in one of FB scams ,with sending ETN to some adders in hope for bigger return.
Don t do it!!


Indeed, don’t let greed get the better of you…

Its been said many many times before:

The team will NEVER ask you send coins somewhere or give them account login information.

Would you hand over your cash to some random person on the street if they asked?..apply the same level of caution and common sense to your digital assets.

Don’t fall for “free crypto” scams or people impersonating the team/admins on social media or telegram.

Be safe.