SECURITY Some may and will try to steal your values


The thieves are wondering around in cyberspace and meet on the dark net. They still find new ways to hack or a new backdoors that provides new opportunities. They are like sharks swimming around the exchanges for easy prey. We have codes, passwords yes even sentences as we do everything to remember or hide.

What I want with this thread is vigilance, find known and unknown threats that can steal our dear ETN. It could be a phone app, pc program or anything else that can take and empty our wallet

Remember we are the pray!!

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!
Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!

The app, called Easy Rates Converter, markets itself as a currency conversion tool. In reality, it infects devices with malware designed to harvest their login credentials to legitimate crypto and fiat banking applications.

According to Stefanko, once the app is downloaded, it deploys malware that infects the host device through a fake Adobe Flash update. On the surface, the malicious app still functions as a currency converter. Once downloaded and activated, it retrieves the malware via the user’s internet connection and deploys it.

Remember we are the Pray


Did I leave my name and email…yes…do i got daily phones from places i never heard about that want me to invest…yes am i pissed off…yes… Q is not recommended :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!

Onecoin or one life is a scam. I got many friends that got it and i feel sorry for them. stay out of it!!


Good thread guys, stay vigilant not worth risking anything. It’s rough out there!!!




If you’re not sure about a project, don’t give your primary or even secondary email address - that would be silly. Have an email address that you only use for stuff you’re taking a bit of a chance on.

There is little evidence for much of the accusations in this thread.

What if in some other forums who support some other project one guy is annoyed with ETN and calls that untrustworthy - would that make such an accusation true - no, it would not.


I cant see i put up any accusation without any confirmation or what they are based on. except onecoin, but it is only a google search away.I will gladly remove and say sorry if any of that i listenings are wrong!

can you specify?


I’ve shared on the other thread, fight dump, an article from cryptoslave saying that some days ago, from an elon musk verified account (fake of course), someone stole £140k in btc using a similari way we know from the Electroneum account “send me 0.05 btc, i send you 0.5 btc”. Many days ago i wrote a post on Electroneum COMMUNITY wall on facebook, warning to report anyone that use this scam and telling them that the ones that ask for 0.05btc aren’t involved with electroneum staff. Hope someone will read that


Yeah Onecoin is a spurious accusation as is the IQ article. I haven’t read them all.

I don’t support any of these. I did give a (probably 5th in line) email address to IQ, nothing more.

My point is without definitive proof, there is a risk of starting a witch hunt of sorts.

“Extraordinary claims need extraordinary proof”


Onecoin say they have a crypto, and they have never proved it. and for 2 years they have say they will do a ICO. for 2 years they have tried to go to at least 1 exchange, but got non. I believe they have had police razzia in 15 countries and no proof of blockchain and i could go on.


That proves it so…


prove me wrong! and not just state it. this is ment to help people from getting in trouble


Outrageous claims which some of these projects make, are just that, outrageous claims.

Only when outrageous claims come to fruition do they attain legitimacy, but before that they are not necessarily scams.

Some or all may be scams, but only time can really judge them - individual due diligence is the best course of action until then.


Saying prove you wrong is silly…

Like I say, if and only when they become a success will the scam claims be proved wrong - I do not possess that power at this time.

And again, I’m not defending any of these projects on merit - I just think calling scam is a bad idea.

Your intention to protect people is good - but many projects need faith to progress.


Onecoin is by justice in several country declared a scam and illegal. How can you state that it might not be?


Ok, you’re hearing what you think I’m saying, not what I’m actually saying.


U.S. Law Firm Files Claims Against AT&T, T-Mobile Over SIM Swap-Enabled Crypto Thefts


Determined cybercriminals have, reportedly, gained access to the verified Twitter account of U.S. retail giant Target, and used the 1.92 million follower account to launch a cryptocurrency giveaway scam – a type of scam frequently plaguing the popular social media platform for the better part of a year.