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Thats more searches, good. Indeed. Good.


Thanks good is that 10% from trafic made this AWESOME forum so we need to grow to 10 000 and than 20 000 and be bigger than REDDIT help me and invite here more people.


I already send out a thankyou and mention to every one of my followers to join us on the community forum.
Most of my correspondence draws reference to the community forum.
Im constantly encouraging its use .


Figures to 13 January
Another steady increase in the web traffic.


Did we move back a few hundred spots in global rank?


Moved up a little on global and UK. Ranking.
Pageviews and visitors down slightly.


15/1/2009 Update.


Sry, the notice passed me😊
Its holding steady. Im excited to see after Barcelona!


Community forum now creating over 15% of visit volume by similarweb

And from countries big raise from USA and Germany…