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Web traffic up also!


Think the bull is nearing


Hmmm, not convinced yet.soooon!!
It is encouraging to see steady increases in USA figures.
I can see it going quite viral at some stage down the road.


Before you! Hah!


Every day a litle bigger again.
Only subtle some days…I think with the spike in the market earlier we will see an increase in thes figures in tomorrow’s update!


Numbers for community etndotcom.?:blush:


This is the best I can get without subscribing.


Latest Alexa Webtraffic Statistics.

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@JonneHex @Nascimento @Cosmicrypto @Mr.CryptoCZ
Note increase in searches USA!!


That’s great we are really getting popular , the more the merrier… if USA gets to grips with etn that’s a lot of people !! And huge for us


I’m from the US I’m spreading the great news of Etn everyday :+1::zap:


Go as Jehovas, :smile:, knock knock, hellaau, i come with the worlds savior…


Hahahaha I have thought this before :+1: I randomly ask everyone at the gas station or restaurant sometimes. I’ll just turn around in line and say “does anyone here know what bitcoin is raise your hand. How about Electroneum? Interesting interesting well you might want to look up what Electroneum is.” Than I just go back to what I’m doing :joy:


Me too.
I promote Electroneum Brasil in the same way to the Brasil community down here.
Excuse my spellcheck!


Interesting figures today…


Hilarious :joy: Love it!


Thanks for posting @Pahini am loving the Alexa updates :purple_heart::chipmunk::sparkling_heart::chipmunk::orange_heart::chipmunk::heart::chipmunk: keep ‘em coming, let’s watch it boom together!


Note the increase today…bit of a “buzz” in the air over the weekend perhaps? @JonneHex


Todays figures",Double dip Monday’s" !!


Figures up to 11 January
Note increase in USA &UK figures !!