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Iran :thinking:
We vikings are so few in numbers we dont make any traffic


Though, it lives more vikings in the US😄


Look at Australia…not even a speckle.
The interesting part is tat the most traffic is coming from the target markets


To me, this shows that Etn is picked up where it should, first, within those troubled with fiat.


Thats good for the real use and not the speculating


Its interesting when you look at the website.
Were #26,000 RANK.
On all company searches.


3000 top site in nigeria… i guess porn makes half of the top😄


I wouldnt have put it that way.
Youd be looking more at tron or verge then.



Right behind, not the price though


Yeah but look at how much they (ripple) threw at marketing.
It should be at four dollars!


Check more the section LINKS in my excel you get too some graphs…

For example:
and much more inside :wink:


Interesting to see where the etn traffics coming from , thanks for sharing @Pahini


Interesting to see where my country Nigeria falls in the rank. We the best


Certainly is interesting seeing both Nigeria and Iran top the ranks.
Goes to show that Electroneum are targetting the right areas and await the approval of the respective Governments and Telcos.
You can just Imagine that rank when marketing starts.!


Latest stats from Alexa.


Very interesting stats :heart_eyes: not long before the world feels the same about ETN as we all do!


Its a really good measure of sentiment.
Today both of the above figures are down a little.
All very relevant to the market.
I havent compared them to new registration figures yet.
Once it starts moving a little bit I will!


Latest update.