Sculpture made by hand



Why it looks like a retired borg drone ?:grinning:


He’s far from retired. He’s looking at the moon!! :wink: :slight_smile:


Nice work. Job Well Done !


That’s fantabuloustic


Thats amazing :hushed:


Thank you very much. :slight_smile: go to the moon !!! :hugs:


Holy crap well done.


Really Nice! :+1: How big is it?


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Thanks a lot msytem :smiley:


This is amazing, great work! The fans in our community can do some phenomenal things!


Please can you scan with 3D scanner and than print and sell for ETN? @a8f6fa810baf12676382 Thanks


Nice work! Looks great


Dude this is awesome!


thank you :slight_smile: it is 28cm long (11.03 inch) :slight_smile:


Sorry, but this sculpture is unique. :wink:
it would be possible for me to sell it by auction and can be paid in etn…:thinking:


You should sell sculptures like this @a8f6fa810baf12676382 i am sure a lot of people will want Electroneum Sculptures :open_mouth:


An auction for a single copy would be the best I can do.
electroneum is a company and I am not allowed to make money on this brand.
Unless you are many to want it and talk to Mr. Richard and maybe he will grant me the right to make an official sculpture for the company.
In which case I would be proud to be able to do so. :heart_eyes::blush: