Scam accounts on social media

I got scammed by these people, can get my coins back?

Please can anyone help me get my coins back???

I can’t bealive people still go for that scam messages… how much did you lost?

if the scammer uses a CLI wallet then his/her identity is not known by the etn ltd as no KYC/AML is needed with CLI wallets. Even if etn ltd made a change in the code to zero out those scam wallets the scammer can make another wallet. Anyway if the scammed etn traded to btc already then no use to block the scam wallet.

I know it is not purely the fault of those who are scammed but please take it as a lesson. As people in the crypto community, the first thing you have to do is be aware of events and research to be able to escape scams like this. Cryptos are hard to mine are high risk, high profits asset/digital currency, typically no one would give them away for free.

It is interesting that the scam warning comes first . Just before the welcome to xyz

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