Scam accounts on social media


I report each one I see on twitter, as it only takes a few seconds, but they soon return. The sad thing is many people will believe it and send funds.


Someone will catch them, no worry


As a community we should all report those accounts on FB and Twitter. It will have a positive effect trust me :ok_hand:t5:


There sure are some doozies out there. It isn’t just crypto either. I had one claiming won a holiday once and I just had to pay the taxes. Reading about latest scams can help get educated and prevent getting hustled as there are many that are none the wiser.


antone now how to tell from the fake facebook one and the real facebook one, they advertising some rocket game now or is it real lol


the main posts are from the real etn team. when a comment to a post has the etn icon and the electroneum name (or the bame E I [capital i which looks like snall l] ectroneum) then click the icon. if it goes to a page which has a few posts and few followers then it’s a fake etn page so the commenter is a scammer. unfortunately FB allows pages with the same name. when you ban one fake etn page then another can be created


@Rachel @ETNCEO In settings of your page could you please put filter words (like btcdouble, Verizon, verify, imediately) to your page so the scammer will be automatically blocked.


the scam accounts actually spell electroneum correctly. :frowning:


there is no electroneum word in my proposed filter


@Rachel @ETNCEO also the FB page API could be used to autoban commenters based on their name. a similar name algorithm could be used and/or an image recogniser to check that the user’s icon is too similar to the etn icon.


Actually that’s how they spell them

Slight letter changes or they use numbers in the name.



Facebook have a few that look correct.

But I know what you mean with that.


Scam as an comment here:

Just be aware:)


it seems to me facebook absolutely should implement a feature whereby no-one with your name can comment on your posts. It’s a simple fix!


FB won’t do it. google it. I tried also FB’s moderation keyword list in setup to block commenters based on keywords on a test page but it didn’t work either. I didn’t try FB API


Thanks for your diligence.
If its Free…I usually forget it.
At the very least most free sites will use or sell your data.
Stay safe out there.