Scam accounts on social media


I’m sure many of you are aware of this, but we DO NOT do giveaways of other cryptocurrencies (ETH, BTC, etc) and we would NEVER ask you to send some ETN to us to receive a larger amount back.

These are scams and are not at all affiliated with the company. Please be vigilant, and if a deal sounds like it’s too good to be true then it probably is.

Keep your money safe.


Every time you ( etn ) post something electornium , elictroneum etc etc post some crap about free coins always check the spelling or the person’s name posting it , simple thing report tweet as scam and then block.

Amazing to see these idiots getting away with the posts everytime. Very annoying.

Thanks for the reminder appreciate it…


It is happening to every post you have on FB. Is this fake account that posts scam comments. Please send an official announcement, like this one on your FB page. Also report this fake account to FB. I have done it.


They should be arrested and I’m pretty sure it would stop






Is there a way to stop this punk stilling money? I’ve lost 0.1 BTC coz l’m stupid but l see him arround all the time. ELECTRONEUM team do something!


yeah they have a bot running which spams it pretty much immediately. Facebook should be able to block them - or at least give their users the ability to block comments from users with the same name as the page!


It’s a pity… Could give away some BTC as gift… :joy::joy::joy:


Does anyone notice the drastic decrease in these posts lately? Please join me (and many others) in reporting these posts along with their fake replies underneath every time they show up. It is effective. It costs them time which eventually will make this scam not worth their while. The more reports a fake page gets, the quicker the FB team is to respond. They’ll also flag it for monitoring which means they may even catch it before we do next time. There are a lot of scammers out there, but there are many more of us. Be vigilant.


I’m doing so too and is way helping


at the beginning I was reporting them to fb but nothing really went through so now i reply SCAM !!! to any of theses post I seen.

Dont want any of our community to get trap in that


Great work!!! I have seen some fall for this and this could really help!!!


theres too many of them


I suppose the etn team started to delete the not wanted comments to their posts because after a while I don’t see the scammer comments. it’s tedious but has to be done


These scammers / fraudsters very often hide in plain sight among us… that’s just how brazen and determined to rip people off they are. They try all kinds of tricks, very often posing as regular concerned users…


I think that if the official ETN page gets verified by Facebook with a blue badge all the fake accounts would be reported by the ETN team as duplicate/fake pages and permanently deleted.


maybe they should of told everyone not to create groups for it, there is to facebook groups with the same name electroneum


The ETN team never endorsed the use of unnoficial Electroneum groups. I would personally advise you to not join any these groups relating to ETN. The Electroneum page and this forum has everything we need.


Yes, must be carefully