Save the Internet - Stop Full Post Quoting


Ok, so my title is a little evocative, and I admit I realise the internet is in no real danger from Full Post Quoting - but it’s extremely annoying and completely unnecessary.

Let me explain my annoyance quickly, someone opens a thread or replies as normal. Someone else replies and then they decide to unnecessarily quote the whole thread opening post or follow up reply.

This is particularly annoying when the complete quoting is a rather long original message, but no less annoying fully quoting entire short posts.

I get the impression some people really don’t understand the benefit of what is intended by the quote feature. I would have assumed most people would have learned how to do basic referencing in school or college. Quoting is pretty similar, done specifically and only when beneficial.

Imagine hard copy of books, and inside it is a complete other book requoted. What if the book being requoted had books previously requoted inside that… like never-ending Russian Dolls… I’m being facetious yes, but you see how quotes inside books are only done when necessary and address specific aspects for clarity.

I have never quoted a full post (unless to report something particularly scammy or aggregious). It should be obvious what a persons reply is addressing. If not, then it’s the reply that is unclear and a full requote won’t help.

If I quote, and I rarely find the need to do so - I only quote if the specific part of what I’m referring to needs absolute clarity (where it avoids ambiguity). The only other time I would quote is to give someone credit, but I would select a very definitive part which expresses the reference.

Often I see a long thread opening post with 1 reply and the person replying quotes the entire original message as though followup readers can’t follow the flow of conversation without it, or as though the full requote makes anything much clearer. It doesn’t.

In fact full post quoting makes the flow of a thread marginally harder to follow and a lot more annoying to navigate past the unnecessary requote - which you’ve read only seconds earlier.

Sometimes people requote posts with multiple points or observations replying with something like, no that’s not right - what all six points made?

Full post quotes (so far as I know), can not be deleted by the original poster and thus you deny them the option to remove unintended mistakes.

Imagine you make a genuine unintended mistake and would like to delete it so as not to propagate that mis-information. You’ve learned from it hopefully, now you would like it gone. Well you can’t, because someone has full post quoted you, forever highlighting and having published your moment of unintended error.

Can I suggest to stop unnecessary full post quoting and instead take the time to fish out and quote only the short specific part that would actually benefit from a requote - and do so only when it is necessary to add clarity.

Often times just tagging the person you are specifically replying to is plenty to address someone or something specific. Here on the Electroneum forum - just copy their screen name and add an @ with no space in front of it. You’ll even earn a badge from it first time. e.g. @Jo_Boo

Thanks for reading… a thread vote would be great if you agree (but I’m honestly not begging for one… My next mission is to stop YouTubers saying “smash that like button” :stuck_out_tongue:).

What do you think about unnecessary Full Post Quoting ?


Fair Point Sir. :wink: :wink:

Have a vote for hopefully having a sense of humour :smile: