Satoshi Nakamoto

history in the making?
Part 1 of 3 available now

Do you think its the real thing? Lots of fake material around this guy… These days its hard to believe much in the crypto space with all the scams. I am in ETN because they deliver what they promise. If another coin comes along that can do that maybe i will get some but so far it hasn’t happened.


I don’t know, but part 1 is quite interesting. Several of the points he hits on makes me think Electroneum!!

yeah its interesting. Anyway I have faith in ETN being one of the biggest projects out there in the next few years. I had a vision of it.


Today’s release, However controversial, does raise an interesting possibility. Is it possible that even the creator of bitcoin succumbed to one of crypto currencies flaws and truly lost access to his own wallet?

What if he lost access to his wallet, on purpose?
What if he didn’t want to own that 1M BTC?
Sat is wise.
Sat is a saint.
He probably would have gone beyond money.
Perhaps he was beyond BTC.
Perhaps he didn’t care if he had that wallet.
Perhaps he wanted to make sure that nobody could access that 1M BTC.
That’s what i think…Heights of imagination.:grinning::grinning:

This guy is a fraud & shill
End of story

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