SA Music Festivals - ETN mobile charging stations

What if Electroneum offered ‘FREE phone charging and FREE ETN’ at South Africa’s biggest music festivals/events. They could set up several charging stations in high footfall areas of the festival and potentially sign up a whole bunch of highly concentrated users in one go.

As an additional incentive, maybe these festival goers could be ‘supercharged’ with 75 free ETN on top of the 25 rewarded for registration so they have 100 ETN when they collect their phone.

Electroneum could then give an M1 phone to each of the vendors at the festival, set up and ready to accept ETN for drinks/snacks.

I don’t know about African festivals but all European festivals I’ve been to only accept pre paid tokens on site for food and drinks so it might be worth networking with the event promoters and their management teams.
This Ultra fest after movie has had 1.6 million views.

This is an excellent idea!


again a great idea. please ETN, hire this guy…he is a genius.

No seriously, as I visit many festivals myself I know for certain that this mobile charging thing is very popular right now. Would be a big deal.

Again bro, great idea!!