SA Election May 8th Poster/Flyer campaign

With the SA Election coming up on May 8th, I wonder if the marketing team have considered smashing together a quick poster aimed towards the 6 million young voters that didn’t bother to register. Could be an opportunity to canvas outside their colleges and uni campus with flyers - All hands on deck for 1 week.

I just knocked together that poster using existing graphics and it stands out really well against the colours of the the other campaign posters, though It is a little wordy.

A few suggestions for a strapline:

    1. Elect Electroneum!
    1. ‘Power to the People’
    1. 'The Power’s in your hands - (image of hand holding the phone, of course)
    1. ‘Power and prosperity in the palm of your hand’ (likewise above)
    1. ‘Start your own Movement’
    1. Elect Electroneum and earn $3 every month.

What about the possibility of a special promotion on Election day - Top up your phone for free with quadruple minutes and data for one day only, or maybe everyone in SA who already has the app could be credited instantly with 600 ETN? The MPesa CEO did a similar thing in the first year and it made national news.

I will give you all the likes i can for this :)… keep it up:+1:


is EFF = Economic Freedom Fighters (“the voice of the youth”) the opposing party of ANC in SA ?


Great ideas bro. Respect! I would love to see some presence during the elections.

Why dont you apply for a job at ETN marketing? You would enrich the project.

Peace out!


Way to bring it… Good on you!


Ah thanks man, I would actually love to work for Electroneum but I don’t know how they recruit.

I feel like researching every aspect of Electroneum and fighting fud has become a second job for me. I’m sure most of the forum feel the same.


I don’t know to be honest. I’m not to clued up on SA politics beyond what makes it to the BBC but it could be interesting if Electroneum approached the party that were ‘the voice of the youth’. I wonder whether a particular political affiliation might alienate other potential users with opposing views.


Loving that poster Photoshop. :slight_smile:

You legend. :heart:


Brilliant! Hearts and squirrels!


good job man…love it

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This is really cool only just seen it, the colours really stand out. Great ideas!!

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