Roger Ver and Charlie Lee debate which payment solution is fastest and better, They totally missed that ETN has a INSTANT payment solution already!

While Roger Ver and Charlie lee squabble like children over whos tech is better like two kids in a school yard.

"My coins better than your coin , no my coins better than youuur coin "

Electroneum is quietly growing stronger and stronger and while these kids fight it out to the 1% elites in crypto ETN may just surpass them by appealing to the 99% mass mainstream.

ETN could just wipe them all out ,i hope it does it would stop these absolute embarrassing displays to the whole world they can go back to the techno salvos , leave the Job of Mass adoption to Richard

Wow. Charlie Lee is well grounded in all his statements, however of all the interesting topics they could have chosen to debate about, they diverged into the least important and most petty of them all. It was hard to complete this video.

Mini rant


“If everyone refuses to connect to a certain node, that node has been censored from participation.” - Roger Ver. Wow. Such an ironic statement when BCash has a highly centralized node network to which the exact same argument could easily be made.
It’s like saying if nobody in your town likes you, there’s a danger they’ll all ignore you… WELL YEAH. Majority rules, and that’s literally how Bitcoin mining works, so what kind of discussion is this and why am I so affected that I’m still typing a response. Done.

You’re very right Izmo, while they squabble over things like this, ETN will fly right past them unhindered.

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