Robinhood opportunity

Robinhood recently reached out to customers concerning its UK expansion plans and I thought this could be a great opportunity for Electroneum

I myself reached out to Robinhood to recommend they look into the possibility of offering electroneum trading in their limited crypto selection which could benefit them both in the UK expansion and here in the US.

Currently it is quite difficult to obtain ETN from the US without jumping through many hoops, even coinbase has been hamstrung thanks to our own financial institutions, robinhood would change that. They benefit from the fact they mostly trade traditional stocks but do offer a limited selection of cryptos. This being the case they have not fallen behind the institutional blockade that has overtaken the sector.

Never heard of Robinhood before. Will take a look. :+1:

(with regards to your note about US customers, liquid open to US customers in just over a month, so hopefully that should resolve the issue)


Would LOVE to see robinhood in my country, seems like a real nice app. I agree aswell, I think ETN would be great on there.

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Robinhood is claimed to have 6 million users, not sure how many are in what country, but it is US based.

Adding ETN to a platform with limited crypto options would keep it from being unnoticed in the background and should generate new users to the brand.

I do not use them myself, but I have multiple coworkers that do. Two of which I introduced to ETN months ago and both remarked wanting an easier way to buy it. One suggested it would be nice if it were on Robinhood already. Why sign up for multiple exchanges when they already use one app they like?

Food for thought…


Heard only good about Robinhood :slight_smile:

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