Risk for 51% attack


F2Pool has 62.6% of network hashrate. Is it possible to have ETN official pool. If possible I will support and mine with pool.


This is a great place do a discussion

Is there really a risk of 51%?


I dont think that there is such risk from f2pool. f2pool is doing regulating by increasing fees when hashrate becomes too big. They are working with the ETN team. During the last days some miners seem to have upgraded their equipement as you can see in this HR/Miner graph:


In my opinion no reason to worry and as ETN grows the pools will balance themselves more as well.


f2pool is one of the biggest pools out there, they wont ruin their company by attacking any coins…especially not ETN. They probably make more in 1 day from fees than what they could get in an attack. No threat there. The team have been contact with them and continue to do so.

However, it goes without saying that aiming for a more decentralised network spread is healthy for a blockchain. So if anyone here is mining on f2pool they should look to switch. There are plenty of good alternatives.


@BegaMutex @dc94c1db77caef34a923 have a look here. a ETN community pool starting up


Yeah @dc94c1db77caef34a923 , I’m mining on the community pool. Very good and excellent support. I would recommend it highly. Come on over!


Man, I remember everyone getting pissed at me for using Nanopool a year ago, lol. Times have changed.


But they don’t mine ETN directly or have i missed something?


Currently the why I see it, they mine which ever most profitable currency at that given stage… the the pool automatically goes and exchange the payouts to etn and everyone gets paid out in etn.


There is a pool for rigs only (meaning no asics), then there is an Asic pool


Nice constant stream of payouts. I only have one card but it’s doing great on here. Making about 10 ETN a day, I could mine ETH for a little more but why would I do that when I love the ETN community.


Yes, that’s how I understood it, but that only helps us to counteract the sales pressure.

What BegaMutex meant is if someone mine with asic for f2pool can change to another pool to reduce the power of them.


yes, they can switch from f2pool over to the community pool. This will make the community pool hashes more on the network and by chance giving more mined blocks to community pool instead of f2pool


Do we have a community Asic Pool?


all the pools pinned message on this telegram group


Hi wTz1, what type of card are you mining with?
I have a PC with a GTX1070 doing nothing, I might set it up.


An AMD RX 580 Gaming X. It does quite well.


I would, ignoring electricity it’s free ETN. I love free ETN!


Yeah I’m thinking I’ll set it up over the Christmas break. Only 1 day left off work :+1:


Whatever hashpower we can add it takes a small amount away from the people mining and dumping. Good on ya!