Richards interview (10/11/2017)

This was one of the first interviews that I first saw of Richard. This guy truely loves his community and the ETN team. I have massive respect for him.I know many of you haven’t seen this interview at all so thought of sharing it here. This is an hour long interview so you might need to grab some popcorn.

"Don’t love a coin , love the people behind it"

Richard has aged more than 1yr in the last 12 Months :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: This running a Crypto Currency must be stressful!


Must be very stressful for him when such a big community is believing on his vision.
If you look at him now, he keeps saying he is now more confident then ever.

Have you also noticed how much crypto rich aged?

i remember this video when it came out and ETN had delayed there launch and so many people were yelling scam… scam coin, my oh my how ETN have come so far and shown themselves to be nothing but the opposite, not by telling us, but by proving it to us.


I thought about turning up at Maidstone at one point. Lol