Richard’s interview

Cmon global coin report. Release the video already . Won’t you? I am sick of waiting !

Maybe they are under a gag order…

But yeah come on , release it .we need some news , some great news no some absolutely mind blowing earth shattering fiat coin breaking , moon shot news…

Yeah … It’s too quiet

Maybe there isn’t one. Do we know for sure that there is one?

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I think I am mentally ill waiting :face_with_thermometer:

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I think no one can be sure until they have seen it but crypto rich confirmed it has been recorded

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What if this interview won’t bring any important news? That would be hilarious. :rofl:


Abit like that naval seal thing with m -system ? :joy:

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Hahahaha I’ve got community syndrome , I keep closing the webpage down , then reopening every 2 seconds …
Then I check the price on coin market refresh dam you it’s been 5 seconds since I last checked…

Then it’s off to Twitter to make sure I haven’t missed something and rinse and repeat …

@eFiJy hahahhahaha yeah , our announcement is this " there are no announcements , but we will announce the announcement if there are any announcements but at the minute there are no announcements , thankyou for reading this announcement "



?? Navy seal thing …

Let’s just assume he’ll tell us his favourites of fan art followed by an explanation of why KYC is so important and count anything beyond that as a bonus.

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Yes m system hyped up a pre announcement but turn out it was his friend whom is a navy seal think crypto will go big… no shoes…

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I do that plus telegram

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Must of missed that one , as for telegram I left it as the fud was getting ridiculous.

I think a bit of fud is good for everything but it was just either policed way too much or not at all , this is a great place it’s just right.

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Here since ico not missed a thing

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Yeah I got in on ico too , but left it for a few months then got back into it.
It’s like an obsession hahahah

Oh man. Imagine what would have happened if this forum existed since the ICO.
We would have had a mass suicide during 2018.

Did you sell or hodl?

Relax guys even if they release the interview
There will no announcement will made by richard… Try to think, ever since they push the kyc implementation …etn is on silent mode…something big is coming and they cant say it until the kyc is complete… So relax… That interview will be on some general news or small insight of what will be happening in the near term…


This makes a lot of sense. Is mostly likely the case.

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In that case why is coin report holding it back? He said in the twitter feed that it would go out 2 days ago and crypto rich confirmed the recording. I think we will get something before kyc.