Richard Replies To A Binance Interview

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Electroneum CEO Richard Ells has sent Binance’s CZ a video message explaining that he has applied for ETN listing twice and has not heard back from the crypto exchange.
He also points out to a CZ interview with Altcoin Buzz, where the head of Binance says that projects with over 100,000 users usually get listed automatically, even without applying.
“Electroneum has applied twice without ever hearing back from Binance,” says Ells in the message, asking CZ to look at the award-winning cryptocurrency and consider listing it Binance.

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Good job, Richard!! It is evident that ETN is here to stay and will benefit those invovled :innocent:


Our founding father Richard has done us proud today.
Exciting times ahead.


Seems that for some reason Electroneum is not deemed credible. There has been so much fud in the past which is a real shame. Eventually we will get past that and things will really kick off. Hopefully this time they will take a closer look at the project.


It’s not credibility… more likely fiscal (and rightly so, Binance are a business after all).

After a “rocky” start…It’s only really late 2019/2020 that things have fallen into place for ETN. Infrastructure has been completed and adoption has started to reach levels which make the project look more appealing.

Lets hope the work being in the US and the public push from the team help shed light on how much the project has achieved/its potential moving forward :+1:


Binance are also asking their community which projects people would like to see listed next.


Yes, and already dozens of replies to list Electroneum #ETN. Still, personally I hoped that we never needed it, but people are screaming for it.

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I love this move by Richard, very bold and clever. now all we have to do is sit and wait and hope binance have the courtesy to reply.

good luck and great job as always

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