Richard Please Copyright "Electrons"


@ETNCEO If possible please copyright the term “Electrons”. Bitcoin has Satoshi’s as the smallest unit, I think we need to call each unit of Electroneum a “Electron”. I think the term “Electron” will catch on like wild fire and when customers go to pay for an item and the clerk says it will be 10 Electrons. It will help educate customers to understand that an Electron is less than 1 Electroneum, just as 1 penny is not 1 dollar! Not sure if it is even possible to copyright that term but if not it would nice to start referring to fractions of 1 Electroneum as “Electrons”. :slight_smile:

The Electroneum of tomorrow

I also think it is good idea to start to give the decimalised units a name a la satoshi.

Possible competition for naming rights??

Electrons is definitely good name but maybe difficult to copyright.



Anyone else with any ideas?


I think the term you’re looking for is Trademark, not copyright (unless my mind is playing tricks on me).

It’s catchy though, I dig it.


Not sure if it would be a trademark or copyright but either way it would be nice to lock it up if possible.


I like the idea of “Electrons” as well but agree with @ENTMan that it’d be very unlikely to get that copyrighted “as is”, but maybe if there were some distinctive element within the word like ElecTrons or if it were for an abbreviation or symbol that maybe be more plausible. Great idea though!



The only problem is there is a coin called electrons. In an earlier video Richard did mention that he was going to call etn electrons until he found out there is a coin called that. Perhaps @etnceo can confirm this for us.


Yes there is a coin called Electron, but not sure if the term Electron’s is taken. Also maybe not able to make it official but it would nice to just start referring to them as that.


I would call it Ells .


Electroneum… Ells… Could work :thinking:


Either way it would be nice to have a name for micro payments what about Etrons or Eltrons or Elneums or Electros or Neums? I dunno just thinking out loud :yum:


Bitcoin - Nakamoto Satoshi -> 1Satoshi
Electroneum - Richard Ells -> 1Ells
Hahahaha xD


Copyright protection does not extend to titles, names, slogans or short phrases, the Copyright Office has made that much very clear. You can not copyright your name, the title of your post or any short phrase that you use to identify a work. Sadly Electroneum can not copyright “electrons” as it is a physics noun.

A stable subatomic particle with a charge of negative electricity, found in all atoms and acting as the primary carrier of electricity in solids.



very good idea please consider.


Thank you for the information, I guess there would be no issues with us calling it Electrons as it would not infringe on any trademark or copyright laws. :slight_smile:


That is correct - no one can own “electron” thus you can call it “electrons”






Rells…(R Ells)


We gotta have more electrons in our wallets because when it moons you will swim in electrons :thinking:


I like to call it “Ells”, too
It really sounds good :yum:

Also It would be great to use a symbol for ETN like
ϟ for ETN … like … ฿ for BTC


Electoshi’s? :joy:

I like the idea of “Ells” actually.


A youtuber that I watch sometimes said “sparks”. not bad…