Richard Ells must come to the Philippines

I do hope he visit the Philippines and talk to Its easy for us to exchange from Fiat Currency to Crypto Currency on their platform. They already supported Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and recently Ripple. I do hope ETN will be listed there in the near future.

Indeed… this will be great plus is the most popular wallet here in the Philippines… if we can get half of it’s user then it is sure a huge gain

Yes, it is. Because is very easy to operate that is why many filipinos are using this platform. They also operate in Thailand so it is a great opportunity for Electroneum to be exposed with these emerging markets.

Heey @TheJuanderer that is a really good idea the @ETNCEO should take a look at this :thinking:

Imagine if they tap the Philippine and Thailand markets thru and then ETN might be one of the mainstream Cryptocurrency in Southeast Asia.

I agree that would be huge :blush: :+1:

plus have their own exchange, maybe they can also add etn there

I hope so that ETN would be available in It would be easy for us to buy ETN.