Richard Ells Interview with Crypto Rich

Thanks for posting, @Deedigital. For those of you that want to see the interview without leaving the forum, we’ve embedded it below…

This is a very informative video with Richard and Crypto Rich on KYC, Marketing and plenty more questions and concerns you may have.

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One of the best interviews made … if not the best
Richard makes me so excited and optimistic about the future of Electroneum when he talks

I really like to listen to him talking about Electroneum and the future to come

ϟ ETN to Mass Adoption :zap:


It’s a nice interview between Richard and Cryptorich :blush: :+1:

Can someone rewrite it to the text form? Some of us coundnt listen very well bcs Richard is speaking very fast and via a Skype or something else.
Or write some:
SUMMARY? Thanks a lot

Yeah good interview. I have always felt that Richard speaks from the heart. They have delivered and continue to deliver and they explain why things happen the way they do. I can’t think of any other projects that are this well managed.